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Some children will have experienced certain stressful or upsetting experiences growing up. We call these experiences Adverse Childhood Experiences or “ACEs”. If a child has been through these they are more likely to struggle with their mental health. Yet, not all children who go through stressful or upsetting things become unwell. Many children remain healthy even though they have had difficult experiences. We call this ability to “bounce back” from difficult experiences ‘resilience’. The amount of resilience someone has is not fixed. So if we can help children to be more resilient, we can lower their chance of experiencing mental health problems as they grow up.

This project is all about creating a ‘positive psychology’ support package for parents and carers of children who have experienced stressful or upsetting experiences. Positive psychology is about understanding what helps people to live a good life. Support based on positive psychology can help increase resilience. This project is all about designing a positive psychology support package. It is being created by many people with lived experience including parents, young people, professionals etc.

The aim is to help children who have had difficult experiences to build up their resilience. One of the things that can help young people to be resilient is having a good relationship with a parent or carer. So, this package will give parents and carers training and support to use positive psychology in their child’s day-to-day life.

We are currently inviting a small number of families to try out an initial version of this support package. Then we will collect their feedback about how they find using the package. If you are a participant in ASPIRE Stage 2, please register below to access the ASPIRE online platform. Once you have registered you will be able to login to the ASPIRE online platform using the login area to the right of this page,

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