Our Trust Strategy

We have a mission to support people to live their hopes, dreams and aspirations.

We have come a long way – and we have more to do to reach our vision of being in the top quarter of mental health trusts for quality and safety by 2023.

We have changed the way we think, work and behave - positively, respectfully, together. And we are still evolving.

What follows are our strategic outcomes. We are working on a more accessible version.

Engage, develop and inspire our staff

We all belong in this organisation and, as a team, we want to include, inspire and involve each other to do even better. Making sure that our people feel safe and happy in the workplace, and have the chance to say what is working and what is not, will help us strengthen our care for service users.

Co-production, partnerships and recovery

Together we are stronger. We want even greater involvement of service users, carers, voluntary and community sector and partners in our work. We want to work even more closely with regional and local collaboratives to meet people’s needs. We want to play a strong part in reducing health inequalities.

Align our governance and systems

These are our organisational foundations. With stronger governance and better systems we are able to give better and more efficient services. We will also be developing key plans on how we work, where we work, digitally and sustainably so we can always keep improving.

Building improvement skills

Our Quality Improvement approach is seeing results. We want to make sure all our teams can use this approach and increase our learning from incidents. We can only do this by harnessing the experiences of service users and carers and clinicians.

Improve access and quality of care

We are improving access to services and quality of care – and we need to do more. We are clear about what our real challenges are - and what we need to do. 

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