Find out more about our Governor elections

Nominations to stand for election as a governor at NSFT are now closed for this year and the votes have been counted.

Thank you to all the candidates for standing and to everyone who took part in voting.

To find out who won, please see the 'Elections to the Council of Governors' section below.

Voting closed on Friday 8 December 2023 and the votes were counted by Civica Election Services (CES), an independent organisation which runs our election process to ensure it is unbiased, fair and legal.

Only Trust members can stand for election or vote in Council of Governors elections. Trust membership is open to service users, carers, staff and members of the wider public. Please visit our membership page for more information and email if you have any questions.

Rules and regulations for elections to the Council of Governors

Elections to the Council of Governors take place every year for those governors who have come to the end of the​ir term, or w​ho have stopped being a governor during the previous year. Governors are usually elected for three-year terms, starting on 1 February. They can be re-elected twice, serving up to nine years.

Our Constitution contains the rules for elections and the circumstances under which a person cann​ot stand as a Governor. These elections take place under the Department of Health's model rules for elections.

Members can only stand as a Governor for the constituency of which they are a member (that is, staff members can only be Staff Governors). 

CES sends ballot papers to all members in the constituencies where seats are being contested, to vote on who should represent them. 

For the election regulations and information about the Trust, please contact Jean Clark, Trust Secretary. Call 01603 421233 or email

Information on the Council and the role of the Governor

The Council represents the interests of our Foundation Trust members and partner organisations. They feed back information to the members who elected or appointed them. 

Governors must act in the best interest of the Trust and in accordance with the seven principles of public life – the Nolan Principles: 

  • selflessness
  • integrity 
  • objectivity 
  • accountability 
  • openness
  • honesty 
  • leadership

The Council meets six times a year in public and Governors should attend these meetings. There are also subgroups of the Council.

​If you would like to stand as a Governor, we hope the following information​ is useful:


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