Conduct research with us

We undertake research with community groups, service users and carers as well as collaborating with researchers, students and other professionals locally, nationally and internationally.

Developing research

We can support you as researchers in developing research proposals for funding applications, or to inform local practice. The following guidance is available from us:

Is my project research evaluation or audit?

Research project brief template

Writing a research proposal

For further support, please contact the NSFT research development team, who can help you to:

  • find academic or clinical collaborators;
  • locate an appropriate funding opportunity and support the application process through to submission;
  • conduct costing and feasibility assessments of your project.

To contact the research development officer, please email 


We are happy to work with any organisation interested in developing mental health research in Norfolk and Suffolk. We have worked with academic institutions, NHS trusts, third-sector organisations and industry to develop high-quality, clinical research projects. 

Approving Research

All research conducted in NSFT requires national HRA approval (incorporating NHS ethical approval) followed by a 'Confirmation of Capacity and Capability' from the NSFT research office. 

Visit the HRA website to find our more about the HRA approval process. HRA approval can be obtained by completing the IRAS application forms available at 

Research Sponsorship

Every research project is required to have an organisational sponsor. The sponsor holds the overall responsibility for the development, approval and conduct of the research project. Often, the employing organisation of the chief or lead investigator will act as the sponsor.

If you would like NSFT to sponsor your research, please email us on  with information about your study so we can start sponsorship discussions. Please note that NSFT does not sponsor CTIMPs (drug trials), device trials, and any Phase 1 research.  

Student Research

We are happy to support postgraduate students, registered with a partner university, to develop and receive approvals for their studies. Currently we advise Clinical Psychology Doctoral students, MSc and PhD students who are undertaking their research in the NHS. 

If you are a student and would like support, please read the following guidance and contact us on the

Conducting Research

We work in partnership with Clinical Research Network Eastern to ensure that national research projects are set-up, conducted according to high practice standards and delivered to time and target. 

We have a team of highly trained and experienced mental health research professionals, including nurses, practitioners and psychologists who work across Norfolk and Suffolk, liaising with clinical and research teams to ensure safe and efficient research practice, as well as an enjoyable experience for service users and carers. 

Policies regarding the conduct of research in the NSFT can be found in our research compliance section.

Publishing research

We are helping you as researchers publish your studies. We have produced the following publication guidance with our library partners in the NSFT Knowledge Centre:

Choosing the right journal for publication
Writing a journal paper or preparing your work for publication
Publication guidance authorship considerations
Publishing a service evaluation. What if your project isn't research?

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