Where do the courses take place?

We offer both classroom and online courses across Norfolk and Suffolk.

What is a Practitioner and Peer Tutor?

A Practitioner Tutor uses their learned experience of mental health recovery to co-produce and co-deliver courses. 

A Peer Tutor uses their lived experience of mental health recovery to co-produce and co-deliver courses. 

How do you plan the timetable?

Each month we analyse our attendance and evaluation data. We choose what courses to put on and where based on recent historic information. For example, if we consistently received full bookings for the Living Well with Autism course, then we know to offer this course more frequently. In short, we try our hardest to meet the demands and needs of our students. 

When is the timetable released?

There are three timetables a year. They run from:

  • September until mid-December 
  • January until March 
  • Mid-April until mid-August.

I want to attend a course but it is fully booked, what should I do?

Email RecoveryOnline@nsft.nhs.uk to be placed on the waiting list. If someone cancels their space on the course, we will be able to book you on. We recommend checking your emails the day before the course to see if you have a space. If you do not hear from us we were unable to offer you a space. 

How can I access online courses?

You can access in a variety of ways. Our courses are on Zoom and this is compatible via your phone, tablet and computer. You can download the Zoom software, but you can also join via the Zoom link, which takes you straight to your internet browser. 

Am I eligible to attend?

If you are above 16 and live in Norfolk or Suffolk you are eligible. We are open to all those interested in mental health recovery. 

Will you tell my team/GP/Care-Co that I have attended a course?

No, we are a non-clinical department. Attendance at the Recovery College is optional. If we are concerned for your safety, we may contact your health care professional within NSFT, otherwise attendance is kept confidential. Attendance is not put on clinical records.

Do I have to attend courses in a specific order?

We recommend starting with our 'Beginning' and 'Building' courses, such as 'What is Recovery' and 'CHIME', before attending 'Understanding' and 'Growing' courses. However, this is not mandatory and you can attend courses in any order of preference. 

Do the same tutors facilitate the same courses?

We have tutors with a variety of lived and learned experience. They are skilled at teaching multiple courses. Therefore, if you attend the same course again, it may be taught by another tutor. 

How can I volunteer?

We suggest attending Recovery College courses before considering volunteering. If you would like to volunteer, please email RecoveryOnline@nsft.nhs.uk .

Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee that all those interested can volunteer with us. This depends on whether they have the right lived or learned experience that is needed within the College. We would be pleased to arrange a meeting with the Tutor Development Lead to discuss suitability to the role. 

Can I bring someone with me to a course?

Yes. They will be able to attend with you if they register and book a place on the course too. 

Why is a learning support plan important?

A learning support plan helps us identify how we can support you with attending the Recovery College. It can also help you think about what you would like to get out of from attending courses. 

What can I expect from a learning support call?

This is an opportunity to discuss with a tutor the support you may need at the college, and what courses may be helpful for you. 

Can I attend Discovery College if I am over the age of 25?

Discovery College courses are designed for 16 to 25 year olds. We allow all other ages to attend the Discovery College Welcome Webinar. This is because they may be attending to see how the Discovery College courses may be useful for the young person that they support. 

Can I join online courses if I am not too familiar with technology?

Yes. We have Zoom joining instructions and an Introduction to Zoom course. We would be happy to organise a Zoom meeting with a tutor if you feel you need further support and would like to practice before attending a course. 

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