Participation is the key

Man and women talking about a project

We work with service users, carers, families as part of our pledge to making sure everyone can have a say in how their care is delivered and how that could be improved. We call this co-production. We recognise that people who use services have unique knowledge and experience which plays a part in their own recovery and can improve services.

The principles of co-production are:

  • Equality – everyone has assets. Assets refer to skills, abilities, time and other qualities
  • Diversity – diversity and inclusion are important values within co-production
  • Accessibility – accessibility is ensuring everyone has the same opportunity to take part fully, in a way that suits them best
  • Reciprocity – ensure that people receive something back for putting something in, and building on peoples’ needs to feel needed and valued. It is also linked to “mutuality” and all people having agreed responsibilities and expectations

Good co-production happens when:

  • Service users and carers work together to co-design, co-deliver and co-receive
  • Participation is evident at all stages in the planning, development and monitoring of services
  • Barriers and challenges that prevent developments are identified
  • Solutions are found to the barriers and challenges and put in place


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