Parent workshops

Our psychology in schools team run a program of parent workshops throughout the year to provide up to date advice and guidance on how parents and carers can support the young people in their life. All the workshops are recorded for you to watch at any time. 

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Supporting Young People with Eating Difficulties

The workshop is designed to explore some of the eating difficulties young people maybe facing at this time, to understand the way food can be used as a coping mechanism in times of stress, to address what a parent/carer can do that is helpful or not helpful, and importantly identify what are the red flags to alert a parent/carer to take action to get help, as well as where to get help. The workshop’s focus is on providing easily accessible information in an interactive format which will encourage early intervention and prevention of the escalation of difficulties at this time.

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Supporting our young people with challenging behaviour

In this workshop we explore child behaviour that parents or teachers find challenging to manage, such as: hyperactivity, difficulties with attention, aggression, difficulties with friendships and relationships, and irritability. We will cover practical strategies to help manage these behaviours positively. This workshop may be helpful for parents who have concerns around possible ADHD in their young person.

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Tools to Manage Uncertainty and Building Resilience in Young People

Life is always unpredictable, but we have been living with a much higher degree of uncertainty over this last year than is usual. This workshop will introduce strategies that parents/carers/professionals can support their young people to help them cope better with uncertainty now and in the years to come. Being able to adapt to situations by learning to tolerate emotions and cope with change reduces stress levels and is a great skill for life. This workshop is suitable for parents/carers of all children struggling in the current pandemic who would like to learn strategies they can teach their children to manage difficult thoughts, feelings, and situations. It is also helpful for professionals who might work with young people.


 “What I will take away from tonight’s session – Try to take the uncertain path instead of keeping to the safe route was new to me and I think will change my life and make my children’s future better. Living life to the full instead of a half life like I feel has been the case”.

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Surviving Lockdown Mark 3

This workshop explores how we make sense of what we are all experiencing at the moment. It will consider the most significant challenges posed by the pandemic for both parents and young people (including anxiety and low mood) while also thinking about the most helpful ways to manage these challenges.

“I found your session so helpful as it made me feel that I am not alone as a parent, that we are all going through this together. It made me feel that actually ‘I’m doing an ok job’ and not to be too hard on myself.  I found the biochemistry side of things fascinating and it was exactly the things that are happening with my son. It made me feel reenergised and to ‘keep going’.”

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Supporting Young People with Anxiety

This workshop is for parents of school aged children to help them understand anxiety better. The session covers: what is anxiety, why anxiety, how it effects the brain, how it effects the body, how it impacts on what we do and don’t do and how parents can support their children/adolescents who might be struggling with anxiety.

"Connection over correction – its very difficult to do this and I often need reminding! ideas to help Children move from reassurance to self-assurance was useful as I'm often exhausted from having to reassure constantly!"

View the video on our YouTube channel: Anxiety in Adolescence - YouTube

Supporting Young People with Low Mood

All of our young people have days when they feel low,  this is perfectly normal.  Sometimes this low mood hangs around for a bit longer and starts to make it much more difficult for our young people to do the things that are important to them and have the kind of relationships they want to have with others.  For us as parents it can be hard to spot these difficulties especially among all the other changes that are happening in adolescence. This workshop will help you to have a better understanding of why our young people are more vulnerable to low mood once they reach adolescence, the warning signs and some evidence based strategies to best support your young person. 

View the video on our YouTube channel: Supporting Our Young People with Low Mood - Parent Workshop - YouTube

Building Resilience - managing the next steps

This workshop explores what resilience is and why it is important for our young people. The sessions focus on five key components to wellbeing and resilience and suggests practical support for our young people in each of these five areas. The workshop pays particular attention to the approaching summer holidays and the opportunities these offer.

View the video on our YouTube channel: Parent workshop: Building resilience - managing the next steps - YouTube

Supporting our children and adolescents with sleep

Experiencing sleep difficulties at some stage in our lives is common. We know that children and young people can particularly struggle with their sleep. Sleep difficulties are not only frustrating, but they start to impact on our mood and everyday lives.

This sleep workshop is aimed at parents and carers who have children over 11 years old who may be experiencing difficulties with their sleep. The workshop, delivered by the Psychology in Schools Team, covers important topics such as:

  • why we need sleep
  • why teenagers may struggle more with this
  • what you can do to support your young person to have a better night’s sleep

View the video on our YouTube channel: Supporting our Children and Adolescents with Sleep workshop - YouTube

Understanding the teenage brain - Supporting our teenagers with emotions

During adolescence, the brain is going through some very big changes – these changes are positive and support our young people to make the transition into adulthood. However, these changes can be confusing and understanding what is happening in the teenage brain is incredibly helpful. This session will explore these brain changes and how they impact on all aspects of our adolescent’s life, including mood, behaviour, risk taking and relationships. We will also explore what we can do to strengthen our relationships with our young people and support them through this period of development. With thanks to Dr Hazel Harrison for the brilliant brain house illustration.

View the video on our YouTube channel: Parent workshop: Supporting our teenagers with emotions - YouTube

Supporting your child to manage their big feelings

Dr Hope Westgate and Dr Tamara Scully, Clinical Psychologists from NSFT, deliver a workshop for parents on ‘supporting children to manage big feelings’. This workshop includes information on children’s emotional development and what is happening in their brain when they are experiencing big emotions. It also provides practical and supportive guidance on what are some of the things that parents can do to support their children with the emotions they experience. This workshop is primarily aimed at parents of children who are under 12.

View the video on our YouTube channel: Supporting your child to manage their big feelings - YouTube

Managing Exam Stress

A workshop for parents and young people to provide guidance around exam season.

It is very normal for exams and tests to lead to anxiety, stress, and worry. This workshop is designed for both parents and young people to attend to provide guidance around preparing for and coping with exam season.

View the video on our YouTube channel: Managing exam stress - YouTube

Understanding young people's self-harm

This workshop delivered by the Psychology in Schools Team (NSFT) provides an introduction to understanding self-harm among young people and adolescents. It aims to develop parents’ understanding of self-harm and will cover: “What is self-harm?”, “Why does self-harm happen?”, and “What can I do to help?”.

This workshop is presentation based and aimed at parents and carers who live within Norfolk and Suffolk. 

This video contains information on self-harm among young people. If you are concerned about your child’s safety please speak to a health professional. Samaritans can be called on 116 123. 

View the video on our YouTube channel: Understanding young people's self-harm - YouTube

Getting the best out of your relationships with your person

Dr Beth Mosley MBE (Consultant Clinical Psychologist) introduces Viktoria Cestaro and Sue Staff, experienced mental health clinicians, to present this parent workshop on how to get the best out of your relationships with your young person. We consider how adolescence can change our relationships and communication style with young people and how we can connect effectively with our children/young people, especially when they are struggling. This workshop provides some practical advice and guidance on communicating with those young people we love. It will be helpful if you feel your communication can sometimes be explosive or you feel you do not have enough connection with your young person, and they may be struggling with low mood.

View the video on our YouTube channel: Getting the best out of your relationships with your person - YouTube

How to get what you want: Adolescent workshop

Do you find that it is sometimes really difficult to get from others what you need? Do others struggle to understand you or you get the least helpful response from them? This session by the Psychology in Schools Team helps give practical tips for young people on how to communicate well with others (whether that is your friends, parents, teachers or any other human being). These tips have been tried and tested by other young people, and can be especially helpful, especially if you may experience times of low mood.

View the video on our YouTube channel: How to get what you want: Adolescent Workshop - YouTube

How to talk to your young people about the war in Ukraine

As parents and families we are likely to have been shocked about the devastating situation in Ukraine. Our children will be having conversations with us and others and trying to make sense of what is happening. This workshop aims to highlight the importance of communication around these topics and to consider the way in which we do this, providing practical guidance for having these sensitive conversations. We discuss how to manage exposure and time spent reviewing news stories, and how to turn difficult feelings into helpful actions.

View the video on our YouTube channel: How to Talk to Your Young People About the War in Ukraine - YouTube

Supporting your child to attend or get back to school

This workshop, delivered by the Psychology in Schools Team, focuses on supporting parents to help their young people in attending or getting back into school. The workshop provides an understanding of school avoidance for parents, and discusses strategies and ideas that can be used to help young people feel confident in re-engaging with school.

View the video on our YouTube channel: Supporting your child to attend or get back to school - YouTube

Live workshops

You can get information about the latest LIVE workshops by logging into Eventbrite and following the Psychology in Schools team. You will then be notified of upcoming workshops and have a link to book onto these.

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