Recovery is a journey of personal development

Being a Peer Tutor has inspired me in my recovery and has given meaning to my journey, as now I have the potential to help other people on theirs. It is very calming and positive for me to be with my peers and I enjoy learning and passing on what I have learned. At first, being in front of a class feels daunting, yet this feeling passes and you are supported all the way

Elizabeth (peer tutor)

Recovery is living a meaningful life with or without symptoms


Recovery College helped me look at myself differently and learned to build my identity back. 

Terry (peer tutor)


Recovery College allowed me to gain the sense of belonging again, being back in the community and doing the things that I loved. 

Jason (peer tutor)

"Recovery College is learning what works best for me"

What does Recovery mean to you?

Recovery to me is making lemonade out of the lemons that life has given to me. 

I always thought Recovery meant I would be fully recovered. I was diagnosed with OCD in 2017 but I grew up experiencing OCD for as long as I can remember. Recovery for me is a journey and I will always look at it that way, for me it’s about living a meaningful life with the symptoms I experience living with OCD.

The good thing about the recovery college is learning what works best for me. Recovery isn’t a one size fits all type of thing and what works for me may not necessarily work for others but sharing and hearing other people’s experiences has helped me a lot. 


How did you get involved in Recovery College?

I started attending the recovery college as a student not really knowing entirely what is what about. That said, it’s one of the best things I could’ve done for myself and my mental health. It’s a great place for multiple reasons.

The recovery college helped me massively to understand myself and my mental health and what steps to take to looking after myself and self care.


What do you like about specific courses?

There’s a great range of courses at the Recovery college depending on what you’re looking for. I’ve attended quite a few now and each one has helped me a lot.

I found the 5 ways to wellbeing course really helped me to understand what is meant by it, what I already do and why/how the 5 ways will relate and help me and my journey of recovery.

Goal setting for recovery really helped me to recognise my goals, ways to help me to achieve my goals regardless of how big or how small my goals were.

Physical health and mental health for me relate a lot. Eating for wellness has helped me make small changes and to look at what kinds of things my body requires and eating good definitely helps me to feel good overall.

ACT has helped me so much with my OCD and the anxiety I experience along side it. I  may not be able to make my OCD disappear but I am able to Accept my OCD and have been able to change the way I respond to it.

What's your feedback about  attending Recovery College?

Mental health can make me feel sometimes as though I have little control in certain aspects of my life and after attending the recovery college I have learnt that I do have the control and also the power to do what makes me happy.

I was always anxious to attend the Recovery college at the beginning but the tutors and staff are so understanding and I always brought my partner along to help me feel more comfortable. The recovery college go above and beyond to meet the needs of the students.

The recovery college helps me get out of my comfort zone and to meet new people and hear other people’s stories and experiences.

One of the best things about the courses at the recovery college is not only learning more about certain subjects but also meeting other people going through similar things and helping me to feel less alone.

I know that It’s ok not to be ok, but it’s not ok to just stay that way. Learning ways to help myself and not be hard on myself has been quite key in my recovery. Student and Peer Tutor


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