Schools Development Programme

Our Psychology in Schools team delivered a series of workshops designed for teachers ahead of the new school year.

The workshops are designed to provide education professionals with tailored training to support the wellbeing of young people in a school setting.

Recordings of the videos are available to watch below.

Supporting Young People with Anxiety

A session to develop our understanding of anxiety, including:

  • What is anxiety?,
  • How does anxiety affect the brain?
  • How does it impact on what young people can do?
  • and review how teachers can support anxious young people within the school environment.

Understanding the Teenage Brain

This session explores how the brain changes and the impact on all aspects of an adolescent’s life including:

  • Mood,
  • Behaviour,
  • Risk taking,
  • Relationships,
  • and what we can do to support them through this period of development.

Supporting Vulnerable Children

This workshop aims to raise awareness for young people who have experienced adverse childhood experiences or are vulnerable to the difficulties commonly found in society. Our goal is to help educators to develop their understanding of vulnerable children and feel empowered to support their wellbeing in an education setting.

Building Resilience

With the greater numbers of individuals experiencing poor emotional wellbeing exacerbated by the pandemic, building resilience in our young people is more important than ever. This session explores what resilience is and how educators can be at the forefront of fostering this skill in our young people.

Emotion Based School Avoidance (EBSA)

By watching this session, we hope that you will further your understanding of EBSA, learn effective strategies to help break the cycle of EBSA, and feel confident to communicate simple coping strategies that can support a student in returning to school.


Working with Low Mood including Safety Planning

A workshop developed for school staff who work with student welfare, to highlight the warning signs of low mood in young people and to produce a better understanding of why adolescents are more vulnerable to low mood. Evidence based strategies are discussed on low mood and how staff can support young people.

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