Peer Support Workers

Peer support workers are people who have experienced mental health problems either themselves or as a carer. They are employed by the Trust to use their experience to support others on their recovery journey.

These individuals complement the Trust’s mental health worker expertise and knowledge with their own insight, experience and suggestions.

A Peer Support Worker tells their own recovery story, to inspire hope, model recovery and inform service users, as well as supporting service users in finding their own path to recovery.

PSWs offer empathy and compassion, they help normalise what the service user is feeling, and what they are going through, and help them understand they are not alone. It is through this trusting relationship, which offers empathy and empowerment, that feelings of isolation and rejection can be replaced with hope, opportunities and belief in personal control and self-advocacy.

Watch our video below to find out more about the work of our Peer Support Workers.


What our service users are saying about peer support

You gave me hope for my future

I felt at ease with my PSW and found it helpful that I could talk to someone who knows first-hand about anxiety

Such an inspiration to talk to and make me want to get better. You made me see life different

I have found peer support very rewarding as it allows me to face my fears and move at my own pace to achieve realistic goals

I feel heard when I talk to you

You mean, you’ve been as unwell as my partner and now you’re working?



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