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Psychology in Probation

  • The aim of the Psychology in Probation service is to support the individual and their probation officer to gain a shared understanding of the person. They can then begin to help the person plan for their future.

  • Address:
    Hellesdon Hospital,  Drayton High Road, Norwich, NR6 5BE

What this service offers

This Psychology in Probation service is for people where aspects of their personality may relate to their offending and why they commit serious offences. 

Just because someone is referred to this service does not mean they have a personality disorder. If they do have a diagnosed personality disorder, this service aims to help them make sense of this and what it means for them. This service aims to reduce the chances of someone committing offences in the future. 

The team is made up of experienced probation officers, a clinical psychologist and a psychological therapist. 

A person’s probation officer is likely to be their only contact point to this team. Occasionally someone may be offered a direct assessment with someone from the therapy team, if there is a particular clinical need. 

What conditions do you treat? 

Personality disorder 

Access this service

In the first instance, any questions someone has should be directed to their probation officer who will do their best to find out the answers. 

Urgent help

If you are a service user and are in crisis and need support urgently you can contact your service on the number which will have been provided.  

Call 0808 196 3494 to speak to our 24 hour mental health crisis line called First Response.

If you are with someone who has attempted suicide, call 999 and stay with them until the ambulance arrives. 

If anyone is at serious risk of harm, call 999 and ask for the police. 

For non-life threatening medical situations, call NHS111 on 111.  

For more information, see Help in a Crisis.

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