Lisa Grünwald, MINDS Study Manager

Lisa Grünwald, MINDS Study Manager

I am responsible for the day-to-day running of the MINDS Study, a 3 year, NIHR funded project aiming to improve the discharge process from mental health inpatient wards.

Working in research means I get to have an active role in service assessment and improvement by speaking to people who access those services. It is important that the research we conduct is helpful to those who use them. It is quite a varied job, and no day is the same! I am also lucky to be working alongside a diverse group of experts by experience, academics, clinicians, and carers.

I am passionate about hearing people’s views and experiences, listening to their ideas and issues and turning them into research projects, which aim to try out new interventions or improving those we already have. Research has the potential to improve experiences, interventions and services for many people.

The benefits of taking part in research is to make your voice heard. It is so important that services work for people who use them, and the research we do needs to be relevant to people’s current needs. By taking part in mental health research, we learn from your insights and experiences to improve services and interventions for everyone.


List of your publications:

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