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We care for carers

NSFT is committed to supporting carers of those that support people are under our service.
Carers Leads work hard to improve services available to carers. Working remotely during COVID, they have continued to respond to carers’ concerns and provide telephone support where needed.
New services have also been introduced, which have received positive feedback from those involved. 
Carers’ needs cannot be overlooked and are the responsibility of all clinicians. Carer Leads support teams to embed a culture of involving and supporting families, valuing their unique knowledge to achieve the best outcome for the service user.
Below are some of the carers services provided by NSFT across Norfolk and Suffolk:

  • Access to Carers Lead
  • Carers packs
  • 1 to 1 Telephone support
  • Signposting to appropriate services
  • Carers Assessment (Suffolk)
  • Referral for Carers Assessment (Norfolk)
  • Carers Newsletter (available on NSFT website, postal copy by arrangement with Carers Lead)
  • Carers Q & A  email service
  • 2+1 psychology sessions
  • Carers in Recovery course (via Recovery College)
  • All Recovery College courses
  • 24-hour response Line
  • Duty desk contact
  • Stepping Back Safely
  • Virtual family and friends group
  • Virtual coffee morning People who can help:
  • Care Co-ordinators
  • Carers Leads
  • Carers Champions
  • People Participation Leads
  • Family Liaison Officer

Updated website

Have a look at the Trust updated website for Carers.
Carers and staff worked together to improve the website and ensure that carers could easily access information.
We hope that the website is user-friendly and allows people to search for information, services and support alongside general Trust news. 
If you have any suggestions for further improvements or items that you would like included please contact us. 

Your feedback

Here is some feedback from the Recovery College carers course:
“The course was really great – lots of different ways of thinking about things and something to learn for everyone, whatever their experience. I wish I’d had access to something like it years ago but still gained from it now.”

Your thanks

A Norwich family send their thanks to a Carers Lead:
“I felt supported and listened to, thank you”
Wife and carer
“Our family really valued the support and time given to us. I really appreciate that each member of our family was included and each individual role acknowledged. Thank you”
Son and carer

The brown envelope

Ann, from Norwich, writes . . . 
Just rang my son, he seemed fine.
Then he said: ”I’ve got something for you. I’ll come up at lunchtime”. He is bothered about something. I try not to worry.
I was heating up soup when he came. He took a book about growing flowers out of his bag and two envelopes. One was opened – we were expecting it – a copy of his updated care plan. The brown envelope was unopened. 
I opened it, and quickly read it. The Office for National Statistics were inviting him to take part in an online anonymous survey. I noticed that it could be filled in on behalf of the ‘resident’. I offered to fill it in, and he agreed.
I went out to make coffee. What a relief! The letter wasn’t about his benefits or council tax reduction. It wasn’t an appointment for an assessment or an unexpected bill. 
He looked tired and stressed. We started to plan a cut flower bed for the allotment. He favours dahlias and I want dried flowers. 
He got up to go. We made plans to go shopping next week – his van has broken down.
I will ring him tomorrow.

Let’s meet

Philippa (Pip) Everett, Senior Family & Carer Lead West & South Norfolk Adult Community
First record bought: Songs in the key of life Stevie Wonder
Favourite food: Fresh white bread and Italian food ( Everything on the ‘naughty list’)
About me: The theme of my school reports was that I was nosey, worried about other people, asked too many questions and I talked too much. Not much has changed!
Since my school days, I have been more politely described as a people person. I am interested in people and their aspirations, I am concerned how people cope with difficulties within their lives and I will advocate for them, and if necessary, verbally fight their corner.
After 19 years, I am still working for NSFT supporting carers and hopefully making a difference. I can’t imagine doing any other job.

 Q AND A EMAIL ADDRESS: Carers who have questions can now email us direct at 

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