Claire Rischmiller, senior research nurse

I deliver research studies for people with memory problems or dementia and their family/friends and for people with psychosis. These include drug trials, genetic research, looking at gut bacteria and its effects on ageing and cognition, following up patients after acute hospital admission, Memory Assessment Services research, looking into how people live well with dementia, a therapy trial for people with dementia experiencing depression, dementia carers studies and a randomised controlled trial for people with psychosis.

I am in my final year of a masters in clinical research, currently looking at the experiences of post diagnostic support for people with Lewy Body dementia and their carers. I also deliver training in the Trust with staff to increase the awareness, understanding and importance of research.

I chose research for the curiosity - the who, what, where, when, how and why of wanting to understand more about people. I want to understand what contributes to maintaining a person’s mental wellbeing, how can this be enhanced or how treatments can be improved. I wanted to continue with a patient-facing role and enhance and challenge my career development.

I have been in volved in the training Clinical Research in Practice – to increase the awareness, understanding and importance of research in the Trust.

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