Asta Prajapati, consultant pharmacist

Asta Prajapati I love the flexibility of working within research, learning new things and delving deeper into the issues that affect our patients

I am working on developing a medication adherence tool funded by NIHR as a Clinical Doctoral Research Fellowship program.

Research gives me the chance to understand what helps and hinders people from taking their medication and how best we can help. Non-adherence is a significant clinical issue with huge economic impact so I wanted to explore the issue to provide better clinical service.

Research gives us true insights of what patients really want and how we can work with patients collaboratively

I teach medicines management teaching to AMHPs at UEA (2.5 hour once a year) and take part in ad hoc guest lectures at Kathmandu University

I’m a fervent meditator and run online and face-to-face meditation sessions.

Humility doesn’t cost anything. We are free to choose but we are not free from the consequences of our choice.

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