Team of the Year 2022 - finalists

This award is for the team that has worked together effectively and efficiently to improve the service that they offer to service users, partners or internal customers.

The definition of a team in this context is two or more members of Trust staff sharing the same goals, in either their day-to-day work or on a particular project or task.


Team of the Year winners x 3




Southgate Ward
Wedgwood Unit, Bury St Edmunds

This team knows the challenges of an acute ward and work through them together. During January’s COVID-19 outbreak, everyone took control of the situation and worked together to assess the risks to patients and themselves in order to protect everyone to the best of their abilities.

Over the last six months, the team has focused particularly on therapeutic observations. These observations are meaningful, interactive, collaborative and feature communication, understanding and risk assessing. They are a team that works together and they care for our service users while caring for one another too.

Their true USP is their hardiness. They meet the challenges that an acute ward can bring and thrive on it. They are also able to see the value they bring day-in, day-out and their team leader couldn’t be prouder to work alongside them.


Waveney Ward
Hellesdon Hospital, Norwich

The team at Waveney Ward trust, value and support each other to be the best they can. They support each other to achieve their potential, working collaboratively with other organisations and teams to deliver the best outcomes for service users.

They involve service users in their care and recovery planning, ensuring they have a voice throughout their admission. They also make time to develop good relationships with carers as they play a vital role in the recovery of their loved ones.

Staff have undertaken additional training such as medication management and physical health testing/monitoring so they can further contribute to the safe running of the ward.

The team’s real strength is how they work together to deliver excellent care for service users, while offering support for each other. They share a passion for supporting the recovery of people who use the service, helping them to develop new skills and find hope and meaning in their lives.


Perinatal and Lotus team
Norfolk and Waveney

During the pandemic, the team has continued to deliver care to complex, high risk caseloads using both telemedicine and face-to-face visits. In April 2021, the service developed the Lotus Maternal Mental Health Outreach Service.

In July 2021, the team introduced a new triage system which involved multidisciplinary team discussion on a daily basis. All members of staff have embraced this new way of working, enabling service users to be directed quickly to the appropriate part of the service to meet their individual needs.

There is a strong philosophy of peer support both within the Perinatal and Lotus team, which has helped to empower service users to access therapeutic support. Each member of the team shows compassion and care towards one another, supporting each other with assessment by working across patches to help each other meet service user needs in a timely way.

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