Joyce's story

How was your experience joining NSFT as an international nurse? Joyce Sochima

I have had a wonderful experience since joining NSFT. The environment, working conditions and hours are great.

How have you found settling into NSFT and the community?

It has been a great experience for me. The locals are friendly people and accommodating. The community have an interesting cultural diversity and the people I've met have all been really nice.

Why did you choose NSFT?

I chose NSFT because, from my research and now experience, they treat staff equally and offer better working experience and conditions than what I had seen elsewhere.

Would you encourage others to join NSFT as an international nurse?

I would encourage anyone seeking looking for a new experience to join NSFT.

What have you most enjoyed about being an international nurse?

I must say that generally the experience is awesome, but what I enjoy the most is the regular training sessions and seminars provided by the trust. And of course, my fellow colleagues, are fantastic to work with.

What support has been available to you?

The support they gave me while settling in the UK, the accommodation and also sponsoring my exams has been amazing.

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