Our plans and designs for Hellesdon New Wards

Provided on this page are our plans and visual designs for our upcoming new wards at Hellesdon Hospital.

Our designs for the new wards at Hellesdon Hospital

The alignment of the proposals allows the full integration of the existing buildings on the site. The new buildings have been positioned to maximise views of the landscaping and make the most of the outside environment. 

Hellesdon New Wards - A design showing an aerial view

This landscaping has the same importance as the design of the buildings as it creates a visual and therapeutic environment for service users. It will provide a place to relax, to exercise and to meet with carers, family and friends.

Hellesdon New Wards - A design showing and aerial view

The bedroom modules are strategically positioned to ‘radiate’ out from the central hub from communal to private zones and have the best connection with the landscape. Single storey buildings with shallow roof pitches, allow us to have a good level of control of direct and natural light.

View from the entrance of the Upper Plaza

Hellesdon New Wards - A design showing the proposed Rivers area

The Upper Plaza will reach out from the main entrance (the Hub) to the main access road in Hospital Lane and vehicle drop off. There is a deliberate move away from a car dominated environment to a more pedestrian and cyclist friendly space.

Sweeping paths and lawns will lead you across a village green type space large enough to host events – a summer fete for example.

The colonnade and entrance will be a key visual focus for everyone.

The open lawns are framed by areas of ornamental planting intended to direct movement in and out of the main entrance.

Seating areas will be integrated with the planting and there will be natural and man-made forms (natural rock formations and sculpture etc) to create a calm and relaxing environment.

Hub entrance and Reception/Café

Hellesdon New Wards - A design showing the proposed reception and cafe area

We would like the front desk reception area to feel warm and welcoming. Service users can use this space and the café area to meet family and friends and staff who are caring for them. 

The rest of the development is set back within this space (at the top of the stairs and glazed balcony) which is also a great space for family and visitors to feel welcome.

Hellesdon New Wards - A design showing the proposed reception and cafe area

Full visibility is maintained using large internal glass screens and doors, to help connect the lower ground atrium into the hub. Natural wood structure and cement bonded wood wool acoustic ceiling panels will be used to make it more comfortable than institutional and the combined cafe space and connection to the Welcome green will ensure that it remains active. Lift access makes the building accessible for everyone.

Hub atrium

Hellesdon New Wards - A design showing the proposed atrium area

The second communal space within the Hub is designed for collaboration with shallow pitched roofs and large glass facade facing the lower plaza.

The fresh cook kitchen (over two floors), therapy and clinical space wraps around the atrium and defines the access route to the Plaza at the lower level.

A secure ‘balcony’ connects the entrance to the physical health Hub, multi-faith area and upper kitchen level. A bridge will connect the remainder of the reapportioned doctor, consultant and administration office space within the existing Grebe house bungalow.

Gym and Tribunal

Hellesdon New Wards - A design showing the proposed gym and tribunal area

At the very front of the development are the Tribunal and Gym pavilions on the corner of the large Welcome Green. They are deliberately more removed from the very centre of the Hub to help support the possibility for community integration or out-patient uses.

Hellesdon New Wards - A design showing the new gym

The pavilions are connected by a covered walkway, on the perimeter of the Welcome Green, to the Hub entrance at the upper level.

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