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Tracey happy to help

In February 2021 I was struggling with my mental health and covid.
I was staying in and not going out to get food. I emailed Sophie (Bagge) and said to her that I was struggling and she went out of her way to try and get me doing something within the Trust but doing it so covid didn’t affect us. We did a risk assessment and within a few days I started to make up 300 distraction packs for the wards in NSFT.
I went to an office in Northgate where I was working on my own with face mask and hand sanitiser. Sophie had already brought the stuff to go into the packs – 13 items.
Sophie ask me if I wanted to get paid for the time I was working on the packs, I said no because it was helping me by giving me something to get up for. I enjoyed putting the packs together as I knew this could help others. It was also helping me with my mental health.
It didn’t take too long, I was like road runner putting 10 packs together in 30 minutes. I have also been putting together 136 personal packs for Northgate, which I have now finished. I love it when I can help others. 
I received a letter of thanks from the PPL team and was shocked when I opened it as I wasn’t expecting anything, but it nearly brought tears to my eyes, as I know I have helped others on the wards in NSFT. It was good to be part of something to help me to keep strong and it was nice to know that I was part of the ppl team. The letter I got was a thank you with a little colouring book, postcard and hot chocolate. 
I am glad I could help in the covid pandemic.
Tracey Jackson 

Remembering Captain Sir Tom Moore

Everyone will remember Captain Sir Tom Moore who achieved his target of 100 laps of his garden before his 100th birthday.
His aim was to raise money as a thank you to the NHS, with an initial goal of £1,000. He raised £32.8million, which amounted to £39.3m with gift aid.
Some £20 million was given to hospital charities “for the benefit of staff and patients”.
At NSFT, we have been delighted to have received some of this money. It has been and is being spent on providing additional equipment for treatments, improving outside spaces and sitting areas, providing tables so inpatients can keep in contact with their loved ones and televisions for ward lounges and many other things.
We intend to put together a portfolio of all the ‘gifts’ as a tribute to Capt Sir Tom, to whom the Trust and its patients are extremely grateful. We remember his sad passing on 2 February from coronavirus.

PPLS update

PPLS on the move
Margaret Tanner the PPL for CFYP in Norfolk has moved to work within learning disabilities and education.
A new People Participation Lead, Lucy North, has been appointed to take over Margaret’s role in CFYP. There will be more about Lucy in the next edition.
Meanwhile, Steve Clark, PPL for West and South Norfolk, has moved to the Wellbeing Service. Plans are well under way to find a replacement for him.
People Participation Strategy
The PPLs have been working on developing a People Participation Strategy for some time. Ideally, this should be co-produced from the very beginning, but Covid restrictions meant open workshops had to be cancelled.
The strategy will shortly be on the Trust’s website to view and has already be subjected to input from the Working Together groups and some on-line workshops. Once the Covid restrictions have been lifted and it is safe to do so, open workshops will be set up for service users and carers to discuss and shape the strategy, which is seen as a ‘live’ and on-going document.
CFYP Feedback
For some weeks, drop-ins have taken place on Monday evening for young people to meet up, chat, share and discuss their issues. Sophie Davies, PPL for CFYP South, was supported by Margaret Tanner and the events have been well supported by many young people. Feedback from the attendees has been very encouraging as follows:
“I feel that i have purpose and that my opinion and I are valued by services.”
“I feel really grateful to be involved with all of the opportunities. This is something that fits in with my values and that I’m passionate about.”
“I love being involved on interview panels, it’s so interesting and the fact that I can be involved from my personal experience is great and feeling equal with people from the trust.”
“Connecting with other young people who have been through similar experiences has really supported my recovery.”

Opportunities for people with lived experience

The Norfolk and Waveney Health and Care Partnership is working in partnership with the Waveney Lived Experience Advisory Forum (LEAF) to drive forward the co-production and co-design of the new Community Mental Health Transformation Plans. 
The new Norfolk and Waveney Community Transformation Experts by Experience Programme is looking for individuals who have a lived experience of severe mental illness (SMI), either themselves or as a carer. 
The roles are open to anyone over the age of 18 living in Norfolk and Waveney. 
There are: 
Reference group member roles at £15 per hour, two hours per month (nine places available) 
Steering or operational group member roles at £18 per hour, approx eight hours a month (three places available) 
For details of how to participate email A video recording of the information is available from

Ways you can get involved

Would you like to help us to develop this Participation Post further?
We welcome people from different services and areas to come together once a month to think about how we can continue to build our different ways of communicating and make sure this Participation Post continues to grow and develop in the way you would like it to.
Inpatient experiences – what you would want to know?
We are working on our communications/information for people coming into our inpatient settings. Have you experienced time on our wards and would like to be involved?
Quality Improvement Steering Group
Help us improve the quality of our services with the Quality Improvement Team. it’s a Trust-wide group to guide and support our projects.
Help choose the staff you would like to see working in our Trust
Be a part of groups of people who select and interview staff for all positions within our Trust. A flexible and on-going way to get involved.

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