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Sharing experiences to help others

A dad-of-two who was diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) at the age of 58 has written a book to share his experiences and help others.

Tim MacWilliam, 61, was referred to our Trust after his daughter Vicky, who is a mental health practitioner, told him she thought he may have ADHD.

He said he received “terrific” support from NSFT following his diagnosis and while his medication was fine-tuned, and is now better able to manage the condition as he can recognise his symptoms more effectively.

“I had previously been diagnosed with depression, but that never quite made sense to me,” said Tim, who lives in Wymondham. “It was only after my daughter said she thought I may have ADHD that things suddenly started adding up.

“The diagnosis has helped me to understand some of the things which have happened throughout my life and the challenges I have faced. I decided to write the book to help others by explaining what it is like to live with ADHD and the impact it can have.”

Called “Sit Still Timmy!”, Tim’s book charts life from his school days, through his family life and diagnosis. Although it touches on some difficult subjects, such as self-harm, it also includes lighter moments which Tim hopes will resonate with others.

“Writing the book was cathartic at times, but it also unearthed some quite upsetting memories,” added Tim. “So much so that without the love and support of my wife Katherine, I would probably have ended up shelving the whole project.

“She gave me the courage to see it through and I hope it will help others who are experiencing similar challenges to understand that there is a reason for it and there is no need for them to feel ashamed.”

For more information, or to order Tim’s book, visit

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