Low Mood Resources

Low mood or sadness are feelings that everybody experiences. For some, the feeling rarely passes and it can make even the smallest tasks feel impossible to manage. Motivation can feel non-existent, concentration can become hard, and appetite can be affected (wanting to eat more, or less). All this can lead to avoidance; less activity, fewer interactions with others, and fewer new experiences. This in turn leads to negative thoughts about yourself, others and the world around you. It may feel like a feeling you can never escape. 

Dance in the puddles, look for the rainbows… 

Life is tough. For some it might feel really tough, or like it’s never going to get better. If you keep avoiding, you are more likely to stay stuck in the darkness. But if you accept the tough stuff and carry on anyway, you’ll stand a better chance of finding a brighter patch. 


Supporting your child/young person 


If you want to learn more about low mood, and find ways to support your child/young person so that the low mood does not get in the way of what’s important in their life, then take a look at the following resources: 


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