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What is a QI project?

Quality Improvement is the action of ‘shaking the tree’, seeking to make changes to an established system or process in order to make a desired improvement. It provides a systematic, formal approach to the analysis and understanding of a system in its current state, with tools that support efforts of improvement. It is wrapped by a philosophy of continuous improvement, encouraging us each day to seek ways to improve the lives of our services users, their loved ones, the wider community and ourselves. The NSFT Quality Improvement department is a growing and developing team. The department supports teams across the Trust in making improvements for the benefit of service users, carers, staff and the wider community. They work along side colleagues, service users and carers to turn aspirations and desires into action using tools of improvement. There are many QI projects currently taking place across the trust such as ‘Stepping Back Safely’ and ‘Involving supporters/carers/ family from the point of referral’ both of which hope to improve services for carers and families. More information about these QI projects will feature in the next issue of this newsletter. If you would like to be involved in a QI project or would like more information please contact the Carers Lead or PPL (People Participation Lead) within your area. Their contact details can be accessed by emailing or or call 07766 244935 / 07768 508506.


Call all carers . . . a survey just for you

The Carers Trust survey is part of a wider campaign Carers Trust will be running later in the year. The campaign in England will highlight: • The UK’s broken social care system • The failure of successive Westminsterbased governments to properly fund social care • The severe pressure this is putting on millions of unpaid carers • What support unpaid adult carers need so they can continue in their caring role without becoming isolated, exhausted and at risk financially This survey of unpaid adult carers will give the Carers Trust the information it needs for its campaign, including: • What government support unpaid carers need to continue in their role • What sort of reform of the social care system will support carers like you most effectively The campaign will primarily target Westminster government and decisionmakers as the UK government. The more carers that take the survey, the more powerful the findings will be. The survey will close at 10pm on Sunday 18 October. See


Carer awareness training

Carer Awareness Training was developed some years ago, a collaborative piece of work between NSFT staff and carers. It was produced in line with the TOC (Triangle of Care) to ensure staff worked in a carer-inclusive way, understanding the importance of working together for more positive outcomes. Previously, training had been within a classroom. Carers from across Norfolk and Suffolk helped staff deliver the training, ensuring it was accessible to all. Within this training the carers’ input is invaluable and sharing their experiences became the ‘real message’ that staff took home. Times have changed… COVID-19 has brought many changes and how we deliver training is one of them. Carers Leads have been working hard to adapt training into an online version via Teams, which has been a challenge for many of us. Hopefully, during these difficult and unusual times, staff will continue to access this course and implement the ethos of the TOC across NSFT. If you are a carer, family member or friend who supports someone under our service and would like to share your experiences as part of this training package please contact us for further information or an informal chat. Mob 07766 244 935 Mob 07768 508506 Or contact the Carers Lead within your area (contact details obtainable through the team that is providing your service users support).


Useful resource … Living Life to the Full

Google search: “living life to the full” Description: Free online CBT-based self-help course Covers: Recognising negative thoughts, improving motivation, building selfconfidence, problem solving, reducing unhelpful behaviours, gaining control over anger/irritability Content: Free online modules with video/ audio and optional worksheets to print and complete.


Let’s meet

Catherine Phillips Carer Lead ,Waveney Adult Community Mental Health Team

First record: Pink Floyd – Dark Side of the Moon. Fave food: Roast chicken dinner. About you: I have worked as a Carers Lead in Waveney for almost five years within the Waveney Recovery Team (WRT), based at Victoria House in Lowestoft. I work with a great bunch of people, not only my fantastic co-workers in WRT but also our colleagues across service lines in Yarmouth and Waveney. Living in Norwich, means I travel the A146 daily, a sixty mile round trip. Why do I do this? It’s because of my team and the people I have the privilege to work with, meet and speak to each day.

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