Isabela Tavares Junqueira

IsabePhoto of Isabela la Tavares Junqueira, Research Assistant Psychologist

 I work on the ASPIRE study delivery team. My job is any day-to-day work needed for ASPIRE, such as Intervention Component Analysis, Recruitment/Interviewing Participants, analysing data, preparing necessary materials, working with stakeholders, etc.

I love the fact that I get to be a part of every phase of the study, which makes for an amazing learning experience. I also really like the Trust, the research department and the team I work with.

I think there is a sense of purpose in the idea that I am helping, somehow, and contributing to the available knowledge and information out there, which in turn can help the community overall. I also benefit a lot from the fact that, in roles like mine, you never stop learning, growing, evolving.


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