Issue 13

NSFT and Armed Forces Day

Armed Forces Day (formerly Veterans’ Day) in the UK is an annual event celebrated in late June to commemorate the service of men and women in the British Armed Forces. 
Many veterans experience mental health problems as a result of their encounters. A collaboration between NSFT, Working with the Wounded and Outside the Wire aims to provide enhanced support to deliver a comprehensive pathway for veterans in Norfolk and Suffolk. More about this in the  next issue.
Ben 33 from Norwich said: “The Army is not just a job, for some it’s a way out, to others a family and when that time comes to an end, you can feel that you have lost everything. After being medically discharged I needed the support of my friends and family more than ever, alongside professional help to support my recovery and enable me to build a life outside of the Army.”
He recognises that there needs to be more support offered for those suffering with their mental health while still serving, as suicide cases have increased for both soldiers and veterans.
Ben said: “It is so important that soldiers know where to get help and that they are encouraged to make those connections whilst still in the Army to ensure that support is in place to help navigate the difficult stressful times ahead.”

Where you can find support . . . 

Help for Heroes: Support with mental health and wellbeing. Services include access to self-guided support, one-to-one and group therapy, provided by psychological wellbeing therapists.

Veterans' Gateway: Information and services for veterans seeking mental wellbeing support. Expert advice about PTSD, dedicated services, support for bereaved families and more. Can connect veterans and families with a range of local support organisations within and outside the Armed Forces sector.

Veterans Norfolk: Brings together all Norfolk’s service charities and, in conjunction with the county and district councils, works to look after the welfare and wellbeing of Norfolk’s Armed Forces and veterans community.

The Walnut Tree Project: Helps veterans with depression, anxiety, PTSD and other mental health conditions, working to end stigma around mental health.
Call 01603 516580.

ALSO The Suffolk VSC.


Let’s meet

Anya Jarvis, Carer’s Peer Support Worker, Woodlands

First record: Toploader, Onka’s Big Moka album
Fave food: A meal cooked by a family member. They each have their own distinct style and it creates such a homely feeling.
I support carers of people whose family, friend or loved one is staying in Woodlands Hospital. I have been an unpaid family carer and a service user, so I am passionate about helping those going through either or both experiences. I recently graduated with a BSc (Hons) STEM Combined Biology and Psychology, with a First/Distinction, and I want to complete further training to use my education more in my job. I love my pets, wildlife, my garden and I want to learn to roller skate on the rare occasions I have spare time.

Meet ‘Nelly the Jelly’

This is Nelly the Jelly, owned by carers lead Julie Evans.
“She is a three-year-old adopted Greek rescue dog and is one of six we have. She provides happiness and unconditional love and a cheeky sense of humour,” said Julie, from Suffolk.
Pets are so important to many people which is where Our Special Friends comes in. We have talked about this organisation in previous issues. The group has more than 100 volunteers. If you would like to know more about the charity go to or Facebook.

Captain Tom’s legacy
Money from Captain Tom’s fund is helping patients of NSFT.
Below are some of the wonderful things that were purchased to improve the lives of those under our services.
Sensory boxes
IT tablet for service users and carers
Mini library
DVD player
Smart TV
Garden reinvigoration
Magnetic sensory LED Player
Rocking chair
Fish tank
Discharge packs (For first week at home)
Garden equipment
Gym equipment
Self help books
Prison cell activity packs
Outside furniture
Board games
Sensory garden
Chill out room
Equipment to make music
Outside reflective space
Mural creations




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