Brioney Gee, acting research development lead (Children, Families and Young People’s Services)

I work mainly in research development, co-designing new research projects, but am also involved in delivering the studies we have secured grant funding for through the research development programme (BEST, ICALM, ASPIRE).

I’m very lucky to be able to work with such wonderful people – colleagues, young people and carers –  who are dedicated to improving the support available to children and young people experiencing mental health difficulties. I love the wide range of projects I have the opportunity to get involved in and am proud to work within an NHS Trust alongside frontline clinicians.

The benefits of taking part in mental health research can be summed up as ‘hope' – hope for improved treatments, hope that more people will be able to access the support they need when they need it, hope that extremely difficult personal experiences can be used to positively impact the lived of others.

I deliver teaching on research design, research methodologies and applied statistics.


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