Desmond's story

How was your experience joining NSFT as an international nurse? Desmond Anyomi

Prior to joining NSFT, I had fears of being left to figure things out on my own, as it was my first job in the UK. However, with the assistance of the HR team, my working colleagues, and supervisors I have received immense support and knowledge which has played a huge role in not only making me enjoy my work at NSFT, but also equipping me with the required skills to extend that positivity and care to my patients. 

How have you found settling into NSFT and the community?

Initially, settling in was quite overwhelming, but I have settled in much better now. Within the trust, I am still doing my best - learning to grow and progress at my own regular pace. 

Why did you choose NSFT?

I wanted a different career pathway, a new challenge and platform to make a difference and NSFT was the one for me. The city as well is very serene, tranquil and the people are welcoming.  

Would you encourage others to join NSFT as an international nurse?

I have always and would always inform my friends and others about NSFT and encourage them to join as an international nurse. 

What have you most enjoyed about being an international nurse?

A couple of services which were provided to me when I joined the Trust was the accommodation, transportation, and education provided to me when I had to write my OSCE exams. I was surprised because my colleagues from other Trust were not given that much support. 

What support has been available to you?

I have been provided with an educational preceptorship programme which is aimed at supporting me to develop my confidence as a professional and to refine my skills and values.

There have also been other skills development programmes that NSFT provided such as Intermediate Life Support training and PMA training which have been useful.  

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