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Help in a crisis
Thinking about returning to mental health nursing?

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Are you an ex-nurse who's keen to get back on the NMC register via mental health nursing?

If so, we can help.

The Return to Practice programme is currently delivered twice a year in January/February and September and is jointly provided by the University of East Anglia and Norfolk and Suffolk Foundation Trust. The Return to Practice (RtP) Team welcomes applications from Nurses who are not currently registered with the NMC having not practiced in the last 3 years. In recent years the course has accommodated nurses from Adult, Mental Health, Learning Disabilities and Children's Nurses.

A number of nurses have successfully returned to practice despite not being registered as a nurse for 10 years or more. The programme aims to give you the confidence to adapt to changes in practice thus enabling you to re-awaken the knowledge you have and to benefit from the wealth of experience that you will have gained in those intervening years.

How long is the Return to Practice programme?
The programme length is variable accordingly to how long you have been out of practice.

How much time is spent in the classroom?
The RtP programme consists of 6 study days delivered approximately one day per fortnight over a 10 week period.

Is there any on-line learning?
Yes, you will need to complete the equivalent of four days on-line learning whilst on the RtP programme.

How much practice do you need to complete in order to re-register with the NMC?
Guidance from Health Education East of England recommends the following:

3 -7 years out of clinical practice – 150hrs (20 x 7.5 hour days)
8 – 10 years out of clinical practice – 200hrs (27 x 7.5 hour days)
10 – 15 years out of clinical practice – 275hrs (37 x 7.5 hour days)
15 years or more – 375hours (50 x 7.5 hours)

How many hours a week does the course involve?
You need to complete 15 hours clinical practice per week.
Each week you will need to attend either a study day (at University); undertake on-line learning activity.
You will also need to undertake personal study; this will be supported by one of the RtP Lecturers or your mentor in clinical practice.

Where will you get your clinical experience?
The practice element of the programme is undertaken in one clinical setting. We aim to offer you a placement in an area in which you may have had previous experience and are most likely to feel comfortable. You will be supernumerary and therefore able to concentrate on your learning needs. There is a degree of flexibility in negotiating your shifts but you will need to consider undertaking sufficient hours each week (15 hours) to make the placement a worthwhile learning experience.

Is there any financial support?
This information can be obtained from Health Education East of England's website.

Will there be job opportunities at the end of the course?
The Return to Practice programme prepares you for re-entry onto the professional register and is an absolute requirement for returning to practice. It does not lead automatically into a post but it will provide you with the knowledge and skills to look for a post in a variety of clinical settings. The Norfolk & Suffolk Foundation Trust is keen to recruit nurses to roles within the Trust on completion of the course but some successful students have also chosen to apply for positions in Primary Care or the Independent Sector.

What should you do now?
If you would like to know more about the programme before applying, please call or email:

Norfolk & Suffolk Foundation Trust
Dawn Collins - Deputy Director of Nursing
Phone: 01603 421527

We look forward to helping you to return to practice.

How do you apply?
Please note the closing date is 3 August 2015 and the interview date is 8 August 2015.

To apply on NHS Jobs please click here: