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Help in a crisis
Teresa Neil
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Teresa Neil

Senior Mental Health Practitioner, Youth Team, Great Yarmouth and Waveney

Teresa explains how she got into working within the field of mental health:
“My mum was a mental health nurse which gave me an insight into the role and it just happened, really.

“I like the complexity of the role and working with people who are struggling with their mental health issues. The work is challenging but really rewarding as you see people’s recovery.  It takes a certain mind-set to be able to do the job as it takes a lot of dedication and perseverance, but it’s worth it.  You feel an enormous sense of achievement and pride when you see a positive change in a service user you are working with.”

Teresa is one of the students undertaking the Work Based Learning course at University Suffolk College in Ipswich to become a registered nurse. Teresa explains why she decided to do it:

“I have contemplated doing my nurse training on and off throughout my career but due to personal commitments I was unable to. However, this pathway has given me the opportunity to fulfil my ambition and the foundation degree gave me the confidence to achieve this.

“While there is a lot of commitment needed and the demand on my time is great, I would encourage others to go for it. It’s an amazing opportunity that can open the door to more career options and future development.

“The highlight has been having the opportunity to see nursing from a whole new perspective.”