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Phoebe Tang

Phoebe Tang
Staff Nurse on the Rollesby Ward (psychiatric intensive care unit), Hellesdon Hospital

How long have you worked for NSFT?

Since I finished my degree at the UEA in September 2019. I originally wanted to work in psychology, but decided to go into nursing after looking after people with dementia during my work experience, which I really enjoyed. 

What made you want to work for the Trust?

The experiences I had during my placements. All of the staff were so supportive, especially the team at Rollesby. I had a couple of job offers but decided to come to the psychiatric intensive care unit (PICU) as I knew it would be challenging and would help me to develop lots of different skills.

What does a typical day look like for you?

The PICU is unpredictable, so a typical day is hard to define! We start the morning with a team meeting, then will carry out reviews and work with patients to develop their care plans. We also spend time engaging with the patients, such as chatting to them while enjoying a nice cup of tea together. My team and I also continuously assess and try to manage service users’ risks together. We will gather around to have a safety huddle meeting each shift to discuss and actively manage any changing and/or developing risks on the ward. We also support and look out for each other constantly, especially when we need to manage unexpected incidents or any developing risks around us.

What parts of your job do you enjoy the most?

I love my job! I particularly enjoy being part of such a great team. Sometimes I act as the team leader and delegate tasks to others and manage the shift, which I find really rewarding.

I also enjoy working within the team and providing person-centered care with my colleagues. For example, we supported a distressed patient by providing a guitar and singing with him while he strummed the chords. He really appreciated our efforts to provide support, and this is definitely one of my highlights on Rollesby Ward.

What’s the most challenging part of your role?

Coming straight from university into what can be a challenging working environment has been quite daunting, but the fact that I spent time on the ward as a student nurse definitely helped to prepare me. The risks on the PICU are constantly changing and there is a quick turnaround of patients, so you need to prepare for the unexpected. The fact I know that I’ve got a supportive team around me really helps. 

What is living in East Anglia like?

I didn’t know the area at all when I first came to UEA but really like it. The people are very nice and friendly and Norwich has got everything – it's like a mini London, only much cheaper! The seaside is also just down the road, so you have a really good balance of urban and rural.

What advice have you got for people who might be thinking of joining the Trust?

Don’t be shy and ask if you want advice – your colleagues will be more than happy to help you out. People are very willing to listen and will always try to resolve any concerns you may have. The Trust is also really supportive and value you as a team member, which is great.