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Our benefits


(why work for us?)

NSFT benefits poster

- Extensive funded training opportunities – such as flexible nursing and return to practice nursing

- Access to NHS Pension scheme

- Relocation of up to £5k

- Flexible working

- Child care vouchers

- Lease car

- Cycle to work scheme

- Discounted gym memberships

- A minimum of 5 weeks holidays + bank holidays

- Free physio, occupational health support, Pilates and Yoga available at some sites

- Continuation of service and recognition of previous NHS services if transferring from another Trust.

Working for Norfolk and Suffolk NHS Foundation Trust provides a host of benefits:

Learning and development

All the learning and development opportunities we offer at the Trust are designed to support our values so that staff are provide safe, sustainable services achieving positive patient outcomes, innovation and learning.

From our highly supportive induction programme to our comprehensive range of high quality, in-house events, our aim is to help you grow in your role and to acquire the skills and knowledge that will help you to face the challenges of working in today's NHS with confidence.

From safeguarding to a mindfulness teaching skills course, whether you need to learn how to deliver an effective appraisal or keep on top of your email inbox, there are learning opportunities for everyone. This includes: 

  • Apprenticeship programmes
  • Nationally accredited courses
  • Clinical skills training
  • Vocational training
  • ICT training
  • Leadership and Management Development programmes
  • Talks, lectures, workshops, e-learning modules and on-line guides 
  • We are a foundation community trust with inpatient wards with close links to the University of East Anglia in Norwich (UEA) and University of Suffolk in Ipswich (USC)

We are the largest provider of mental health services in Norfolk and Suffolk. Providing care to a combined population of 1.6 million people in Norfolk and Suffolk 24 hours a day.

The counties of Norfolk and Suffolk are well connected by road, rail and bus networks to the Midlands and London. Ipswich to London is 1 hour 10 minutes and Norwich or Kings Lynn is less than 2 hours to London by train.

The Trust has inpatient facilities around Norfolk and Suffolk with smaller bases in rural locations. Many of the services we offer are delivered across the community enabling service users to receive the support they require in a location familiar to them. We provide a range of health and social care services specialising in mental health.

We offer an exciting range of career opportunities across Norfolk and Suffolk in a wide variety of disciplines including Doctors, porters, nurses, occupational therapists, administrators, assistant practioners. Our environments are both rural and across the towns from Bury St. Edmunds to Great Yarmouth and Kings Lynn to Haverhill and extending into many working environments of secure services, community and inpatient acute hospital, with exciting new opportunities arising such as our new innovative recovery college and nursing academy, with great links with USC -  University Campus Suffolk and UEA – University of East Anglia.​


The NHS pension is linked to pay and length of membership and it gives you immediate life assurance from the first day of joining.

As part of the NHS, we offer a well-regarded final salary pension scheme. As soon as you become an employee you automatically become a member of the NHS pension scheme. Membership of the scheme is voluntary and, if you wish, you can opt out of the scheme at any time.

There are no administration costs and you may transfer pension benefits into and out of the scheme or increase your contributions to increase your benefits.

For more details about the NHS Pension Scheme, see the NHS Pensions website. ​

Your work-life balance

We want to encourage and support you to develop and maintain a healthy lifestyle to improve your wellbeing and as a Trust we offer:

  • Free access to the Trust's online individual wellbeing support zone for staff and their families
  • Staff Physiotherapy service
  • 24 hour confidential counselling and support service
  • Discounts at local gyms and for local health based activities
  • Wellbeing and Resilience workshops for staff and managers
  • Support to make healthy lifestyle changes and to stop smoking
  • Health promotion events
  • Flexible working and special leave arrangements


Staff discounts​
Local: Many local businesses offer discounts to Norfolk and Suffolk Foundation Trust staff. We keep a regularly updated list of these on our intranet.

National: Working for the NHS means you have access to a wide range of discounts with well-known retailers and organisations. Please view the links below to find out more:

Please note that all these websites are not endorsed or recommended by NSFT but are here as a means of signposting employees.

Support and advice

We care about every member of staff and we appreciate that at times you may need some additional support from us.

Workplace health and wellbeing
We offer a free counselling and information service to support our staff. Increasing demands are being placed on many of us, both at home and at work.

Stress, personal problems and work-related difficulties affect our ability to function effectively.

We have arranged for Oakdale to provide a free confidential counselling and advice helpline to all employees.

Oakdale is a specialist independent provider of employee wellbeing services.

Counselling is available to help you deal with difficulties that are causing you concern.

Problems may be personal or work-related and could range from very serious to what might appear less important. Issues that may benefit from counselling include:

• Relationship difficulties
• Family problems
• Stress
• Anxiety
• Depression
• Trauma
• Abuse
• Bereavement
• Loss
• Pressures at work
• Harassment or bullying

Your call will be taken by a trained and experienced counsellor who will help you work out ways of addressing your difficulties.
This could include developing some appropriate coping strategies with you. If you would like to receive a course of counselling sessions, Oakdale will arrange this at a time that is convenient for you.

Legal and financial advice
This service provides legal and financial advice and information. The aspects of law covered include:

• Property
• Consumer rights
• Family
• Personal injury
• Divorce
• Motoring
• Insurance
• Immigration

The financial information service includes advice on debt and taxation.

Occupational Health

Occupational Health assesses the effects of health on work and work on health. The team provides a range of quality services to staff, as well as helping staff manage in circumstances where health issues affect their working life.


We have a comprehensive travel and expenses policy for the reimbursement of staff travel and associated expenses from passenger rates to incidental or out of pocket expenses.

Cycle scheme
The Trust has teamed up with Cyclescheme to offer staff tax-free bikes and accessories. Staff can select bikes and accessories to the value of £1000 with Cyclescheme and enjoy a tax-free saving of at least 30%. Payments are taken from salary over a 12-month period. Cyclescheme has a simple, online ordering system, friendly and efficient help desk, and a national network of around 1300 independent bike shops offering expert service and specialist knowledge.

If you saw a petrol station advertising fuel for 69p a litre, you'd stop and buy some, wouldn't you?

Well if you're currently driving alone on your commute to work, you can indeed halve your fuel costs. Just by sharing with one other person, you will be leaving your car at home two weeks out of four.

If you haven't already done so, click here to visit the Trust's Liftshare page to find others in the region who are going your way.

You don't even need your own car. Lots of members would be happy to give you a lift, in return for a contribution to the fuel costs and a bit of friendly company!

Lease Car
The scheme is a "user chooser" scheme in so far that the employee can select which make and model of car is leased. However the level of subsidy is dependent on the emissions (CO2 per km) of the vehicle. This is a sliding scale which actively encourages employees to choose more environmentally friendly vehicles.

The employee is also reimbursed for planned business mileage. This allowance will be agreed at the start of the lease and added to the Trust contribution for the year. An annual balancing allowance or deduction will be made for any under or over payment relating to business mileage. Please click here for further details of our provider


Check out our Research page:

Equality and diversity

Click here for our Equality page:

"Our diversity is our strength, driving performance and success."
Nursing Academy​Our innovative Nursing Academy is the first of its kind in the UK.
Family friendly

Helping with childcare cost:
We all know that childcare costs can be significant and we offer a tax efficient salary sacrifice childcare scheme using nurseries, childminders, after school clubs or childcare vouchers for all employees who need to pay for childcare.

Staff who sign up to the scheme sacrifice a portion of their salary in exchange for Childcare Vouchers.

A saving is obtained because the value of the voucher is exempt from tax and National Insurance Contributions. For more information about how you could benefit from the above, as well as make important tax and National Insurance savings, please visit

Childcare Vouchers are a simple, straightforward way to pay for quality childcare. That’s because you don’t pay tax or National Insurance on childcare vouchers up to the value of £55 a week – so working parents can save about £1,000 a year – double, if both parents sign up for a Childcare Voucher scheme.

  • Make big savings with tax-relief on up to £55 a week (about £1,000 per year)
  • Double your allowance if your partner is eligible
  • Avoid paying NI on the value of vouchers
  • Enjoy great customer care and have peace of mind
  • Paper vouchers or electronic vouchers can be used to pay for childcare of children up to the age of 15. The age is 16 if they are disabled - until 1st September following their 16th birthday.
  • Choose from a wide range of childcare

We understand that for many of our staff, childcare is a significant part of the choice you make for your career and for your family. We want to offer the support, facilities and opportunities which will benefit you and your family.

Some of the things we offer to our staff include  comprehensive maternity, paternity, partner and adoption leave policies​

Flexible working​

We appreciate that there is more to our employees' lives than their work for the Trust.  We therefore wish to help our staff balance their work and outside interests as far as is reasonably practicable without compromising service delivery. We offer a number of different flexible working options to our staff:


Self-rostering empowers the employee to choose, as far as is reasonably practicable, their working hours whilst ensuring that all shifts are covered by the team.

Flexible working hours      

Employees choose their own start and finish times each day around fixed core hours.  Credit and debit hours can be carried over to the next month.

Compressed working week           

"Full-time" working, but in less than the usual five days per week e.g. 4.5 days a week or 9 days per fortnight.

Annualised hours    

Employee is contracted to work a number of hours in a year, but the hours of work are not spread evenly throughout the year.

Part time hours       

Various methods of working less than full time hours.

Home working         

Some or all of working hours are spent at home, on a regular or occasional basis.

Special leave           

This policy is to help staff balance the demands of domestic and work responsibilities by providing an alternative to other forms of leave such as holidays and sickness. 

Job sharing  

Is the voluntary sharing of a post, with the salary and other benefits shared on a pro-rata basis. The essence of job sharing is that sharers accept joint responsibility for the whole job and there is a high level of interaction, communication and cooperation between them.



We offer a competitive annual leave entitlement which rises with NHS service to 247 hours plus public holidays. We have a full policy on annual leave which is available to all employees and can be explained at interview.​