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NHS Professionals

About NHS Professionals

NHS Professionals (NHSP) is the largest provider of managed flexible workforce services to the NHS with around 40,000 nurses, doctors, administration and clerical and other healthcare professionals signed to its bank.

We help 62 NHS Trusts improve patient care by providing professional, caring and reliable flexible workers, compliant with NHS recruitment check standards.

NHS Professionals works in partnership with its clients to implement tactical measures to improve workforce efficiency and productivity as part of an overall workforce strategy. Comprehensive and detailed management information and access to budgetary control mechanisms within the technology platform are all part of the service.

For client case studies, white papers, commissioned research, national trends reporting and other NHSP news and events, please visit

To join our flexible workforce or for wider flexible worker information including important policies and guidelines, user guides, operational updates, FAQs and Service Centre contact details, please visit

Why are we at this Trust?

NHS Professionals provides this Trust with managed flexible workforce services for the following staff groups:

  • Administration and clerical, bands 1 - 4
  • Nursing staff 

Our managed service provides the Trust with a single online platform called NHSP:Online, which captures the Trust's entire demand for nurses, thereby giving the Trust complete visibility and management information for its demand, fill rates, agency usage and associated costs.

What are the benefits of being an NHSP flexible worker?

As an NHSP flexible worker, you get:

  • First choice of available shifts or placements
  • Competitive hourly rates and weekly pay
  • Paid annual leave
  • Statutory maternity or paternity and sick pay, subject to qualifying criteria
  • NHSP Stakeholder pension
  • Training and development opportunities

Who to contact at NHSP?

Service Centre: 0332 407 552

Trust Liaison Coordinator:
Laura Scholefield (
07748 181690

Client Relations Manager:
Kevin Southall (
07717 348788