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Juni West
Juni West

Research Development Lead, Older People’s Services

Juni, who has been with NSFT for more than 30 years, said: “I’ve worked my way from ward-based staff nurse to clinical team leader, and learned a great deal from people with dementia.

"I’ve felt it important to constantly try and develop my skills and keep things fresh.

“I’ve really enjoyed my transition from clinical practitioner to research nurse. It’s made me think differently about my own practice over the years and given me the opportunity to study at a level I would never have thought achievable for me. When I first started out in mental health nursing I would never have thought my career would have taken this direction.

“As Research Development Lead, I aim to demystify what people think about research, and provide opportunities for people to work with service users and carers to help design projects. Ultimately, research and evaluation of our services involves all of us and we should all question why we do things the way we do and to make sure our practice is evidence-based.

“Working for the Trust has provided many opportunities to progress and particularly to get involved in clinical research. It's made my role part of the bigger picture. I’m involved in answering questions about interventions and treatments for dementia and later life mental health issues, so I’m helping to make a difference.”