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Help in a crisis
From our staff

Other staff quotes:

“I work with an enthusiastic team who really care for both the patients
and each other. This is reflected in the positive feedback we often get
from other staff when they visit the department and the patients

"I feel I am supported by both my line manager and the
Modern Matron who have encouraged me in my role and provided me
with opportunities to develop it.”

- Beth Clayton, Lead Nurse

“My colleagues, clinical and admin staff in the locality I work in are
extremely committed and talented individuals who have a passion for
working within the mental health arena. It has been humbling to observe
the sheer hard work, passion, dignity and respect shown to our service

"The team-working here is excellent and I enjoy working with
like-minded people in an environment where we all look out for each
other and try to make a difference.”

- Debbie Jenkins, Senior HR Business Partner​