​​​​Research Roundup​

Discussions, News and Outcomes from Research Conducted at the Norfolk and Suffolk NHS Foundation Trust. 

​Research Recaps 

Research recaps are non-technical summaries of findings from some recent research studies and other projects led by NSFT. Just click on the study name to read more. 

AWArE study - The experiences of NHS staff living with ADHD. [Research]

BEST Study 1 - Reviewing barriers and facilitators when delivering mental health care in schools and colleges [Review] 

CMAB - What helps and hinders medication adherence in bipolar disorder [Review] 

Identifying Research Priorities in Older People's Services [Service Development] 

INCLUDE - Perspectives on the International Classification of Disease ICD-11 for Mental Health [Research]

Men's Mental Wellbeing Project [Service Development] 

MORE - The meaning of recovery for young people with mental health difficulties [Research] 

Current podcasts 
NSFT Research podcasts are audio conversations with researchers, participants and other experts about mental health research in Norfolk and Suffolk. The podcasts include discussions about research taking place, how research works and real life experiences of getting involved. 

Click to download and play the podcasts:


 Louise McCarthy - 70@70.mp3

Louise McCarthy, Lead Research Nurse in Norfolk and Suffolk Foundation Trust speaks about becoming involved in Research and the '70@70' award.

Service User and Carer Podcast.mp3

A service user and their carer talk about their experience taking part as a participant in a Commercial  Clinical Trial in Norfolk and Suffolk NHS Foundation Trust.

Dr Fiona Nolan - Protected Engagement Time.mp3

Dr Fiona Nolan, from the Camden and Islington Foundation Trust and University College London talks about the latest research in Protected Engagement Time.

Ruth Hudson CRN.mp3

Ruth Hudson, Delivery Manager for Dementia, Mental Health and Neurology research for the NIHR Clinical Research Network (CRN) Eastern Region, talks about the support the CRN can offer for researchers and service users wanting to become involved in research. 

Dr Chris Fox - Dementia.mp3
Dr Chris Fox, Reader in Mental Health at the University of East Anglia and Honorary Consultant Psychogeriatrician at the Trust speaks about the latest in dementia research and his own work in the field.  

Research Publications

Annually, we also compile information about Publications that researchers in NSFT are involved in. 

Please find our latest publication lists:

2014 NSFT publications.pdf

2015 NSFT publications.pdf

2016 NSFT publications.pdf

2017 NSFT publications.pdf

2018 NSFT Publications.pdf

Media Coverage

INCLUDE Study (2018)

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