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Industry research

At the Trust, we are keen to develop our NSFT Research capacity, and work closely with industry partners to conduct clinical research.

Industry research supported
We currently conduct Industry and Clinical Trial research in the following condition areas:

  • Dementia and Complexity in Later-Life

  • Schizophrenia

  • Bi-Polar

  • Depression

We are happy to support Phase II to IV clinical trials, as well as Observational work. 

We have an experienced and established clinical research team, who has a proven track record of delivering to time and target on Industry studies. Our research delivery team are clinically experienced in mental health conditions, and most have worked in clinical research for at least 5 years. Our staff, supported by the Clinical Research Network Eastern, is trained on common outcome measures/rating scales in dementias and neuropsychological conditions. Each research study has an allocated lead research delivery coordinator, who will act as the primary contact to Industry or its representatives. All staff hold valid GCP certificates and are further trained in specific procedures and outcome measures.

In addition to Delivery staff, we have a trained Clinical Trials Pharmacist who conducts feasibility and set-up of clinical trials in the Trust. Pharmacy staff have received GCP training plus specialised Pharmacy GCP training. We also have Central Laboratory and Radiology facilities through our acute partner organisations across Norfolk and Suffolk.

We also employ a Research Quality Lead who supports the set-up and monitoring of all Research Studies, and ensures that teams are compliant with regulations and protocol, but also that the performance of the study is adhering to agreed targets.

We benefit from a wide range of Principal Investigators with specialities across multiple mental health conditions. All Principal Investigators are GCP trained and are offered specialised training about the PI role and working with Industry.

Where possible, we attempt to maximise recruitment potential of research studies by rolling out trials across Norfolk and Suffolk. Most Industry activity is centred across Norwich (Norfolk) and Bury St Edmunds (Suffolk), but our centralised research team model means that there is a high consistency of practice across all areas.

Information Management support is available for research with high speed secure internet access and support for mobile working with wireless and remote access across most of the area of the NSFT. e-CRFs are supported as required by studies and our staff are experienced in using various e-systems.

We can also offer on-site archiving, both electronic and paper, in accordance with sponsor requirements.

Research Approvals
NHS organisations across the Clinical Research Network in Norfolk and Suffolk work proactively together to speed up the initiation of Industry clinical research across two or more organisations in the region by collectively sharing cost and contract negotiations and local review. We work closely with our Primary Care, Community and Acute Care Partners to ensure a smooth set-up and approval process.

The model CTA is preferred, along with the model Industry Costing Template. We also hold CDAs with the NIHR, to allow for fast set-up and feasibility assessments for research studies.

If you would like to explore using the NSFT for your industry study, please contact NSFT Research on