The role of our People Participation Leads (PPLs)

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People Participation Leads (PPLs) are at the heart of participation and help people who use our services and carers get involved in our work and projects. PPLs have professional and personal experience of the mental health service.

They improve communication between the Trust and service users, carers and their families and direct them to opportunities to help shape the way our services are run.

The Trust is divided into Care Groups, with a service director, clinical director, lead nurse and a PPL.

PPLs let service users know what's going on in their area and tell them about changes. Their aim is to improve their chances of success in their recovery journey.

They make sure that we hear the voices of service users and carers. By doing this, we make sure they are central to planning and delivering services.

Click on your area to find out who your PPL is (see below).

Who is my PPL?

Find out who your local People Particpation Lead is below.

Children, Families and Young People Norfolk

Lucy North
Mob: 07818 537990

Children, Families and Young People Suffolk

Sophie Davies
Mob: 07342 066589

East Suffolk

Eddie Cross

Great Yarmouth and Waveney

Sophie Bagge (lead PPL)
Mob: 07785 693984

Gary Walker
Mob: 07785 692926

Norwich and North Norfolk

Robyn Ward
Mob: 07385 413902.

Secure and Forensic Services

Specialist Services

Jodie Butcher

Mob: 07385 417355.

West and South Norfolk

Polly Johnson

West Suffolk

Anna Russell


Learning Disabilities Specialist Pathway

Margaret Tanner
Mob: 07833 285276

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