Patrick Meehan - Public Governor, Suffolk

Patrick Meehan - Public Governor, Suffolk Term of office started 1 February 2022

I have a long interest in mental health through personal experience. I will bring this to the table, to complement the excellent and thorough work of all involved in the Trust. along with the knowledge I have of a natural and holistic approaches to mental welfare. 

I have 30-plus years' experience as a trustee of The Erasmus Foundation. This spiritual healing and teaching centre in Suffolk welcomes a variety of thinkers. Volunteers, such as myself, run this not-for-profit charity. The clinic, opened by Dr Dan Poulter in 2014, provides healing free of charge. Lady Paddina Cole, the charity founder, was a clinical psychologist. She believed people may find peace and balance more easily after understanding themselves as a whole, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

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