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NSFT’s training department - systemic psychotherapy courses

Norfolk and Suffolk Foundation Trust values psychotherapy and recognizes how important it is for local people struggling with their mental health to be able to access psychotherapy in a timely fashion. As a forward-thinking mental health care trust, NSFT is committed to the development of its professional workforce and over the past seven years have successfully trained more than 280 clinicians on its systemic psychotherapy courses.

Small group learning

We pride ourselves on being able to create a safe and supportive learning space for all, which is why each of our courses runs with a maximum enrolment of 30 students. We believe that teaching in smaller groups enhances the individual and group learning experience, allowing students to network with other professionals, whilst more effectively engaging with group discussions, workshops, and tutor-led learning objectives. Over the past year, courses have been adapted to incorporate a greater percentage of online learning this coming year, although the fundamental emphasis will still be on working relationally both with the families we see as well as with each other.

Multi-agency working

During this time we have learned that a richer and more comprehensive learning experience for candidates is achieved by offering courses made up of both NSFT’s own staff as well as multi-agency professionals working across the region. i.e. health, education, social care, the voluntary sector and private individuals.

Courses overview

NSFT offers a comprehensive psychotherapy training program in systemic psychotherapy at foundation and intermediate level, with many previous graduates having progressed onto qualifying training in family therapy at MSc level. We also offer a systemic supervision course suitable for multiagency professionals, and consequently have excellent links with many of the national training organizations offering such courses.

From a learning perspective, these accredited courses offer the opportunity for candidates to undertake training, which:

  1. Focuses on the development of their therapeutic skills when working with vulnerable individuals, families and couples.
  2. Offers a flexible approach to learning which takes into account the many different starting points for candidates begin their psychotherapy training.
  3. Enables candidates to develop as independent professionals and ‘self-reflexive’ thinkers, building on participants' existing knowledge, theory and practice from their previous profession and/or work experience.

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