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Picture of child looking at research booklet
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Project to get young people involved in research into mental health

Young people in Norfolk and Suffolk have been working alongside the research team at Norfolk and Suffolk NHS Foundation Trust (NSFT) to produce innovative information and activity booklets explaining research to children, young people and families.

The two booklets, one aimed at five to nine-year-olds and the other for youngsters aged 10-14 years, tell young people about what to expect when taking part in mental health research and their rights around involvement.

The booklets are sent out to all young people’s referrals received into NSFT research, alongside postcards featuring art by the young people, which is also included in the booklets.

The booklets are part of a wider initiative to boost children and young people’s research in NSFT, with the development of a new specialist children and young people’s research team, CHEYENNE (Children and Young People’s Research to Support Mental Health Needs), led by Kayte Rowe. 

Kayte commented: “CHEYENNE intends to ensure that we improve and expand the opportunities for young people and their families to take part in research. We want young people and families to have a really positive experience through having a team that are skilled in empowering young people and ensuring inclusivity in the whole research journey.”

NSFT are currently looking for young people to get involved in research into:

  • Controlling strong feelings
  • Trauma following a scary experience
  • Genetic links to anxiety and depression

For more information about the studies and how to get involved visit: