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Service Page
South Older People's Community Services (Norfolk)

 What help do you offer?

We are a specialist service for people with dementia of any age. In addition, those with a complexity in later life with psychotic / non-psychotic presentations and one or more co-morbid conditions which can be associated with ageing.

Our service covers: Assessment and diagnosis, consultation and advice, initiation of drugs for treatment of dementia, care co-ordination, complex risk management, complex treatments and therapies, complex advanced care planning, statutory functions. 

We offer clinic appointments at the Julian Hospital (Norwich), Bickley (Attleborough), Springwell (Dereham) and at Gateway (Wymondham) as well as seeing service users in their own homes. 

Free carparking is available at all clinics, a parking permit for the Julian Hospital will be provided with your appointment letter.

All clinics have disabled access and disabled toilets.

What conditions do you treat?

All functional mental health issues and all types of dementia.

We are an assessment and treatment service, a multidisciplinary team offering a range of therapies and psychosocial interventions. Our clinicians include Consultant Psychiatrists, Psychologists, Registered Mental Nurses, Occupational Therapists, Assistant Practitioners and Support Workers. 

What age range does this service treat?

There are no age limitations but typically people over 75 years of age are likely to require our service. 

Our service users with functional difficulties are usually over the age of 70.

We see people with dementia at any age. 

What geographical area does this service cover?

Central South Norfolk and the majority of Norwich.

 What support do you offer carers, family and friends?

Individual support, access to an acceptance and commitment therapy group for carers, facilitating an adjustment to memory changes group, identifying carers' needs and requesting referrals to Admiral Nurse service. Signposting and empowering, when able, to other services or referring to other services if indicated following assessment. Specialist nurse in care homes.

 Referral to the service

What are the referral criteria?

For individuals to be eligible for our service, they should be people with a dementia or mental health complexity in later life (functional mental health problems) where:

  • There is a need for memory assessment, diagnosis and potential treatment with Cholinesterase medication
  • They suffer severe symptoms such as hallucinations or delusions which are causing significant distress
  • They manifest serious challenging behaviour as a result of their illness which places the person at significant risk of harm
  • They manifest serious challenging behaviour as a result of their illness which places others at significant risk of harm or impact, including family carers 
  • Their condition consistently interferes with normal daily living either through self-neglect or disruptive behaviours
  • They are at risk without assistance with vital activities of daily life but refuse it because of their mental condition
  • Their situation is particularly complex because of the interplay of various factors, such as a range of symptoms, environment, relationships with others
  • Timely specialist intervention may prevent admission to hospital or a care home

Or fulfil two or more of the above and:

  • Their diagnosis is unclear, including unexplained sudden onset
  • Their medication may be causing problems 
  • Physical health problems due to, or typical of, the ageing process, especially where there are effects of prescribed medication on mental health, cognition, functioning and mobility
  • Psychosocial problems typical of ageing including the impact of loss events such as retirement, bereavement, coping with frailty, loss of role 
  • Diagnostic complexity requiring the specific expertise of “old age” specialists, including the first onset of psychosis in later life
  • Direct effects of physical health on mental health

How can people get referred to this service? 

Through primary care, a GP.

What to expect when referred

Initial assessment for a functional illness within 28 days of referral being received.

Memory assessment within 18 weeks of referral.

We will offer an appointment at the earliest opportunity. 

Allocation of a care co-ordinator.

Assessment and care plan. 

 Contacting the service

Name of Clinical Team Manager: Miranda Tabbanor (Acting)

Service administrative address: South Older People's Community Services, Gateway House, Unit 1, Gateway11 Business Park, Farrier Close, Wymondham, Norfolk NR18 0WF

Office hours (days and times): Monday to Friday, 0900-1700 hours

Telephone number (general): 01953 611002 option 1

Telephone number (urgent): If you are a service user, you are in crisis and need support urgently, you can contact the service on 01953 611002 (as above) out of hours.

If there is an emergency and people are in immediate danger, call 999 for an ambulance.

If you are not a service user but require urgent support, contact your GP or call: 

Samaritans: 116 123

NHS 111 (NHS support for non-life threatening situations): 111