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PIMHAT – Parent Infant Mental Health Attachment Team

​PIMHAT works with parents who have experienced trauma and / or mental health difficulties that are impacting on the attachment relationship and development of their infant. Infants must be under the age of two to work with PIMHAT and on a child protection under Norfolk County Council.

 What conditions does the service treat?

​We provide a range of long-term therapeutic interventions with any form of trauma and mental illness that a parent is experiencing that is impacting on the attachment and development of their infant.

 What support do you offer carers, family and friends?

​Partners and grandparents are involved in PIMHAT work and may also be offered parent infant work in addition to the originally referred parent, if appropriate. 

 What age range does this service treat?

​We work with parents of any age. The infant may be unborn from 24 weeks gestation up to the child’s second birthday. 

 Service contact information

Deputy Clinical LeadElaine Sullivan
Service administrative address

Mary Chapman House

120 Hotblack Road


NR2 4HN 

Office hours (days and times)Monday – Friday, 9am – 5pm
Telephone number (general)01603 272800

Telephone number (urgent)

In office hours, if client's worker is not available, call number above and ask for PIMHAT duty worker.

We do not provide urgent care.

 Referral information for the public

Referral criteriaParent is pregnant (24 weeks+) or has an infant under the age of two, who is on a child protection plan with Norfolk County Council, and has experienced trauma or mental illness that is impacting on the attachment with their infant.
How can people get referred to this service? Via the infant's social worker

What to expect when referred

Consultation booked with social worker usually within three weeks and, if case appropriate for the team and team have capacity, work will begin straight away.

 Referral information for clinicians – information for health professionals only

Referral criteria (summary)Parents who have an infant on a CP plan and have a history of trauma and are willing to engage in therapy to think about the impact their trauma is having on their relationship with their child. Referrals can only come via the infant's social worker.
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