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Laurel Ward, Carlton Court, Lowestoft, Great Yarmouth and Waveney

 What help do you offer?

​We offer ongoing assessment and stabilisation of dementia care needs, working closely with you and your family or carers to develop a person-centred care plan to meet your needs. 

You will benefit from a full range of activities to suit your needs and we will work closely with your family and carers to help you through your dementia journey. 

We aim to work with you and your family to help you find a suitable placement which will provide a home environment.

What conditions do you treat?

Our service is not an admission area, our colleagues in Norfolk will offer an admission and assessment area and once your health condition has been diagnosed and observed to be stable, consideration will be given to transfer you to your local area, Great Yarmouth and Waveney. 

What age range does this service treat?

Dementia over the age of 65 years 

What geographical area does this service cover?

Great Yarmouth and Waveney area 

 What support do you offer carers, family and friends?

​We work with carers and families to gain information about your relative's care. We actively seek your input into their life story and try to work collaboratively to develop needs-based individualised care. 

We invite families and carers to care review meetings and offer one-to-one meetings. We also have carer groups run on the ward. 

We will work with you to support your needs and help you get in touch with partner organisations who can give you practical support. 

 Referral to the service

What are the referral criteria?

A diagnosis of dementia, male or female and older age.

How can people get referred to this service? 

We only accept transfers to our service from our assessment wards in Norfolk.

What to expect when referred

We are a team of multi-disciplinary skills, with Registered Mental Health Nurses, Registered General Nurses, Occupational Therapists, Assistant Practitioners and Clinical Support Workers who all contribute to your health and wellbeing while in our unit.  

Your care will be led by our Consultant Psychiatrist and you can expect to be regularly reviewed by the medical team while you are with us. There is access to medical cover 24 hours a day. We also have a visiting physiotherapist and have access to services within the local health economy.

 Contacting the service

Name of Matron: Maria Harris

Service administrative address: Carlton Court, St Peter's Road, Carlton Colville, Lowestoft, NR33 8AG

Office hours (days and times): 9am – 5pm

Telephone number (general): 01502 527474

Telephone number (urgent): If there is an emergency and people are in immediate danger, call 999 for an ambulance.

If you are not a service user but require urgent support, contact your GP or call:

Samaritans: 116 123

NHS 111 (NHS support for non-life threatening situations): 111

For more information, see Help in a Crisis

 Contacting the ward

Ward name: Laurel Ward 

Ward address: Carlton Court, St Peter's Road, Carlton Colville, Lowestoft,

Ward telephone number: 01502 527472

Ward access information: Car parking is available on site, on arrival please report to Main Reception to sign in and be provided with an access code to visit the Ward.