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Help in a crisis
Service Page

 What help do you offer?

​Kooth offers 11 to 25-year-olds across Norfolk and Suffolk access to online counselling delivered by qualified counsellors 365 days a year, either on a drop-in basis or through bookable chat sessions. The website also gives young people the chance to benefit from peer support and a wide range of self-help materials, as well as contribute to moderated forums.

 How do I get help from your service?


 What hours is your service available?

Unique out of office hours’ provision and is open 7 days per week, 365 days a year from noon until 10pm weekdays and from 6pm until 10pm on Saturday and Sundays

 What can I expect from you?

Kooth allows children and young people to provide each other with peer to peer support through moderated online discussion boards and the ability to contribute to self-help articles and content. Qualified counsellors are online seven days a week to provide those using the service with online counselling through chat-based messaging via drop-in or booked sessions. Young people will also be able to track their mood with a goals tracker as well as note their thoughts in an online journal.

 How can I contact you?

 What conditions do you treat?

​Young people can use Kooth to seek support or advice on any topic they wish, from managing their feelings during the pandemic or coping with exam stress or bullying to seeking help for an eating disorder, dealing with suicidal thoughts or handling sexual abuse.

 I need help urgently! Who do I call?

​Call the 24/7 NSFT First Response Helpline on 0808 196 3494 or click the Help In A Crisis Button at the top of this page.