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Help in a crisis
Service Page
Integrated Mental Health and Justice Pathway

 What help do you offer?

​We offer a range of services at all stages of the Criminal Justice System.

We have a Liaison and Diversion Service providing interventions for people through police custody and court.

We provide a Wellbeing (IAPT) Service in all 3 prisons in Norfolk (HMPs Wayland, Bure and Norwich) and HMP Norwich also has the Mental Wellbeing Support Team, which delivers combined Wellbeing and Mental Health services.

What conditions do you treat?

See the separate service pages for this information:

Liaison and Diversion Service (L&D)

Prison Wellbeing (IAPT) Service​ 

Mental Wellbeing Support Team (HMP Norwich)

What age range does this service treat?

L&D Service work with those aged 10 and above in line with the age of criminal responsbility. Our prison services work with 18 years and over

What geographical area does​​ this service cover?

Norfolk and Suffolk 

 What support do you offer carers, family and friends?

​​We encourage engagement with our carers and are in regular contact to update on progress and share information. 

We offer an information pack for family and carers if required. 

 Referral to the service

How can people get referred to this service? 

You can be referred to us from a variety of sources. More information is available on the separate service pages.

 Contacting the service

Name of Service Lead: Emma Lewis

Telephone number: 07584 142097

Telephone number (general): 01603 707500

Telephone number (urgent): 01603 421421

If there is an emergency and people are in immediate danger, call 999 for an ambulance.

If you are not a service user but require urgent support, contact your GP or call:

Samaritans: 116 123

NHS 111 (NHS support for non-life threatening situations): 111

For more information, see Help in a Crisis.

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