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Help in a crisis
Service Page
Hammerton Court (Reed and Rose Wards), Norfolk

 What help do you offer?

At Hammerton Court we are part of the comprehensive mental health services available if you have a confirmed organic diagnosis and symptoms of dementia. Our patients have complex needs which can't be met by carers or staff in a community or residential setting.

The purpose designed nature of Hammerton Court provides an environment conducive to meeting the needs of both our staff and patients. We work within a philosophy of person centred care to facilitate stabilisation of the dementia process to a degree where your needs can be managed safely and therapeutically in a community setting.

All referrals should meet the inclusion criteria with a confirmed, formal diagnosis of dementia.  As a referred individual, your needs must be of a complex or risk related nature which makes management unsafe in the referring location. Patient behaviours must be directly attributable to the diagnosis of dementia.​

 How do I get help from your service?

​All referrals should be made in writing to the unit manager. These are discussed in the weekly multidisciplinary meeting where referrals are considered.

The decision to admit is based on multidisciplinary assessment, and actively involves your family and members of your established support network.

The unit manager gives verbal and written feedback to the referrer. All referrals should meet the inclusion criteria:

  • A confirmed formal diagnosis of dementia and the patient meets the Continuing Health Care criteria

  • The needs of the referred patient must be of a complex or risk related nature, which makes their management unsafe in the referrers’ location. These behaviours must be directly attributable to the diagnosis of dementia. 

 What hours is your service available?

​We operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

 What can I expect from you?

​On admission, the multidisciplinary team comprising medical, psychological, nursing, occupational health and physiotherapy staff assess the patient, and with the full involvement of their family and carers draw up a plan of care, including at this point the outline criteria for discharge.

Assessments include the identification of social needs, the recognition of strengths as well as any problems, and encourage realistic goals. The focus of care and treatment maintains safety through effective risk assessment and management alongside ensuring that the patient's physical, psychological and social needs are met.

We provide a full range of evidence based one-to-one interventions based on ongoing assessment, with risk assessment and management at all times, including the following:

  • Physical treatments including medication

  • Psychotherapeutic approaches

  • Psychosocial interventions specifically aimed at promoting social inclusion

  • Physical activities

  • Social activities within the unit and linking with local recreational and rehabilitation services

 What is the main address of your service?

​Hammerton Court
Julian Hospital
Bowthorpe Road

 How can I contact you?

​Reed Ward 01603 978302; Rose Ward 01603 978306

 What conditions do you treat?

​Dementia with Lewy bodies
Alzheimer's disease
Vascular dementia
Frontal lobe dementia
Memory loss
Asking questions repetitively
Increasing difficulties with planning
Difficulty finding the right words
Difficulty with numbers
Difficulty handling money in shops
Personality change
Mood changes

 What support do you offer carers including friends and family?

​The clinical team leaders have an open door policy to meet with all family and carers. Appointments can be booked through Hammmerton Court reception. The carer information board is situated in the main reception area at Hammerton Court. 

The PALS room is situated in Hammerton Court main reception area and is open 24 hours a day. Carers are invited to multidisciplinary review meetings. Dementia carers' groups are held every third Wednesday from 10am to 3pm in the main reception area and are open to all carers.

 Ward Manager

Craig Howell

 I need help urgently! Who do I call?

​People already being treated by our service should call 0300 123 4969​