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Help in a crisis
Service Page
Great Yarmouth and Waveney Older People's Community Service

 What help do you offer?

​We offer assessment and support in the community to adults experiencing memory issues and to older adults with a history of severe mental health problems combined with complex physical health frailties.

We can work alongside other teams and organisations to provide interventions to aid recovery.

What conditions do you treat?


  • Alzheimer's disease
  • Vascular
  • Lewy body
  • Fronto-temporal
  • Other related memory conditions.

Behavioural/Psychological symptoms of dementia (agitation, aggression)
Suicidal ideation
Psychosis - hallucinations, delusions (perceptual issues / false beliefs)
Obsessional thoughts
Personality changes

What age range does this service treat?

All adults who are experiencing memory issues and related challenging behaviour to those already diagnosed.

Older adults over the age of 75 with a history of enduring mental health problems

What geographical area does this service cover?

Great Yarmouth and Waveney 

 What support do you offer carers, family and friends?

We offer assessment, support, advice, education, psychological therapies, signposting and guidance on an individual or group basis, as and where appropriate.

We can offer either clinic or domiciliary visits.

 Referral to the service

How can people get referred to this service?

Referral is via your GP or other registered health professionals.

If you have concerns about your memory or mental health, visit your doctor who will carry out some initial tests, bloods and ECG (electro-cardiograph), if necessary, and will then refer you to the appropriate service via the Access and Assessment Team (0300 123 1882).

What to expect when referred

A clinician may initially contact you by telephone to confirm that: 

a) you would like to be assessed 

b) whether you could access our clinic service or need to be seen at home

The clinician may also gather a little extra information that may help with your assessment and be able to prioritise the urgency.

You will then, for memory treatment, receive an appointment in the post.

Once in the clinic, you will see a specialist clinician, who will take the history of your concerns and do a test regarding your memory. You may or may not be given a diagnosis at this time; sometimes more information needs to be gathered and further assessment undertaken. We like people to have a loved one, close friend, relation with them to help with information / history.

If you are referred for other mental health issues, the relevant clinician will contact you, often by phone, to arrange an appointment. Often this takes place in the home, but we do have Nurse Prescribers in the team who will be looking at offering some clinic appointments.

Facilities on site
Parking is available on site, this includes designated disabled parking spaces.
The site has full disabled access and toilet facilities.

Full refreshments are not available but a water cooler is.

 Contacting the service

Great Yarmouth

Community Team Manager: Zena Hinchliffe

Service administrative address:

The Willows Centre
Northgate Hospital
Great Yarmouth
Norfolk NR30 1BU

Office hours (days and times):

Monday – Friday, 0900 - 1700 

DIST for urgent assessments only 0800 – 20.00hrs

Telephone number (general): 01493 337636


Community Team Manager: post vacant

Service administrative address:

Carlton Court Hospital
St Peter's Road
Carlton Colville
Suffolk NR33 8AG

Office hours (days and times):

Monday – Friday, 0900 - 1700 

DIST for urgent assessments only 0800 – 20.00hrs

Telephone number (general): 01502 527474


Telephone number (urgent): If you are a service user and known to the team, you are in crisis and need support urgently, you contact the service.

If there is an emergency and people are in immediate danger, call 999 for an ambulance.

If you are not a service user but require urgent support, contact your GP or call:
Samaritans: 116 123

NHS 111 (NHS support for non-life-threatening situations): 111

For more information, see Help in a Crisis.

 Clinics offered by the service

Clinic details
Name of clinics

Memory clinics

Clinic for Functionally Mentally Ill

Who clinic is for

All adults with memory issues

Older people over 75 with acute  / enduring mental health problems

Address where clinic held

Great Yarmouth Team:

Willows Centre
Northgate Hospital
Great Yarmouth
Norfolk NR30 1BU


Waveney Team:

Carlton Court Hospital
St Peter's Road
Carlton Colville
Suffolk NR33 8AG

Parking (eg availability, cost)Disabled parking is available at both sites
Accessibility information

All consulting rooms are on ground level with wheelchair access.

Wheelchair in the building, if required.