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Help in a crisis
Service Page
Community Perinatal Service (Suffolk)

 What help do you offer?

​We are a specialist service for women with a history, or high risk, of moderate to severe mental health issues, who are planning to become pregnant or who are pregnant. We provide support to women and their partners with pre-conception advice and, where required, work with women during pregnancy and until the baby is 12 months old. 

What conditions do you treat?

Women with a history of severe or moderate mental health illness such as bipolar affective disorder, anxiety, schizophrenia, depression, psychotic illness, post-partum psychosis or post-natal depression, or where there is a high risk of the woman becoming unwell during the perinatal period

What age range does this service treat?

Women of child bearing age

What geographical area does this service cover?


 What support do you offer carers, family and friends?

​​The service works with the whole family and can support or signpost carers to other services as necessary.

 Referral to the service

What are the referral criteria? 

The service is for women who are planning to become pregnant in the future and have a history of moderate to severe mental health issues. The service also accepts new referrals for women who are pregnant or whose baby is under 6 months old.

How can people get referred to this service? 

Referrals can be made through the Emotional Wellbeing Hub (for people up to 25 years old) or Access and Admissions Team (for people over 25 years). You may also be referred to the service by your mental health practitioner if you are already receiving support from other mental health services.

What to expect when referred

You will be contacted for initial assessment 14 to 28 days following referral.

 Contacting the service

Name of Team Lead: Kevin Moran (Deputy Service Manager)

Service administrative address: Wedgewood House, West Suffolk Hospital, Hardwick Lane, Bury St Edmunds IP33 2QZ

Office hours (days and times): Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm

Telephone number (general): 01284 719700

Telephone number (urgent): If you are a service user, you are in crisis and need support urgently, you contact the service (Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm): 01284 719700.

If you are experiencing something that makes you feel unsafe, distressed or worried about your mental health you can now call the 24/7 First Response (Freephone) helpline on 0808 196 3494.

If there is an emergency and people are in immediate danger, call 999 for an ambulance.

If you are not a service user but require urgent support, contact your GP or call:

Samaritans: 116 123

NHS 111 (NHS support for non-life threatening situations): 111

For more information, see Help in a Crisis.

 Clinics offered by the service

Clinic details
Name of clinicAntenatal clinic
Who clinic is forPregnant women
Address where clinic heldIpswich Hospital, Heath Road, Ipswich, IP4 5PD
Parking (eg availability, cost)Parking is available, there is a charge
When heldThursday morning
Clinic details
Name of clinicSpecialist obstetric and perinatal clinic
Who clinic is forPregnant women
Address where clinic heldWest Suffolk Hospital, Hardwick Lane, Bury St Edmunds, IP33 2QZ
Parking (eg availability, cost)Parking is available, there is a charge
When heldMonday afternoon
Clinic details
Name of clinicPre-conception clinic
Who clinic is forWomen planning to become pregnant
Address where clinic heldVarious - as required
When heldVarious – as required
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​ Please note: This is a new webpage and we will continue to update it as the service develops. ​
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