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Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS)

​At the CAMH Service, we provide comprehensive pathways for children and young people with moderate to severe mental health difficulties. 

We provide a range of therapeutic interventions, including art therapy, systemic family therapy, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing (EMDR) and play therapy.We have a Looked After Children's team and a neurodevelopmental pathway, if you have complex developmental disorders.

 What conditions does the service treat?

​We see young people with a range of mental health problems, including: 

• Anxiety

• Deliberate self-harming 

• Low mood

• Attachment disorders 

• Those struggling with the effects of major negative life events

• *Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder/ attention deficit disorder combined with mental health problems such as anxiety or low mood

• *Autistic spectrum disorders combined with mental health problem such as anxiety or low mood

*service users must have a moderate to severe mental health problem in line with our criteria.

 What support do you offer carers, family and friends?

​We see you with your family and we involve your parents and carers in planning your treatment. 

Where your family need additional support we work closely with professionals from other agencies, such as Children's Services, to help organise this. 

We provide information about other voluntary organisations who work with young people with particular difficulties, such as autistic spectrum disorders.

 What age range does this service treat?

​14 years and under.

 Service contact information

Name of Operational ManagerFiona Samson
Service administrative address

East Norfolk, Great Yarmouth and Waveney
Resource Centre
Northgate Hospital, Northgate Street,
Great Yarmouth NR30 1BU

Name of Operational ManagerDeborah Murrell
Service administrative address

West Norfolk
Thurlow House, Goodwins Road,
Kings' Lynn PE30 5PD

Name of Operational ManagerNicola Rice
Service administrative address

Central Norfolk
Mary Chapman House, Hotblack Road, NR2 4HN

01603 272800

Office hours (days and times)Mon-Fri 9-5
Telephone number (general)

Single Point of Contact:

Central and West Norfolk (inc Norwich and King's Lynn): 0300 790 0371

East Norfolk, Great Yarmouth and Waveney: 0300 123 1882

Telephone number (urgent)

If there is an emergency, please contact A&E or your GP for advice. For an urgent assessment, your GP will send us a referral and if we deem this to be urgent then we would start the assessment process within 24 hours. 

 Referral information for the public

Referral criteria

Inclusion criteria:

·  Aged 14 years and under

·  Registered with a GP within the Norfolk and Waveney area

·  Moderate to severe mental health difficulties across three domains (severe issues in one domain alone or moderate issues in two or more). Impact on these domains can vary depending on an individual's stage of development or context:

  • Impact on level of function (mild / moderate / severe)
  • Level of risk (mild / moderate / severe)
  • Level of distress (mild / moderate / severe)

We work collaboratively with young people and their families /carers in developing and working towards treatment goals. Their level of motivation is balanced against level of severity so individuals with high levels of need can still receive a service even if their motivation levels are limited.

We also take into consideration previous and current engagement with other services and previous response to intervention.


Young people whose primary presentation is best met by another service, such as the Early Intervention Team, Community Eating Disorders Team, Wellbeing, Early Help Team, Voluntary Sector services or if the problems are isolated to one environment such as education.

Individuals with substance misuse problems that interfere with intervention where they are not motivated to work on this as part of treatment.

Individuals with neurodevelopmental disorders such as ASD or ADHD where there is no significant comorbid mental health problem. 

How can people get referred to this service? We accept referrals from GPs, schools, health visitors and all agencies involved with young people and their families.
What to expect when referred

We see you usually with your family, to complete an assessment and plan your treatment.

We offer appointments at local clinics. How frequently and how long you continue to see us depends on the difficulties you are experiencing.

 Referral information for clinicians – information for health professionals only

Referral criteria (summary)Please contact us for a consultation. Please contact the area duty team who will be able to advise you.
Contact details Main reception of each area and ask for the duty team.

 Related services

Name of service
Further details
Paediatric Service – Norfolk Community Health and Care01603 518444

Eating Disorders – 0 – 25 years

Eating Disorders – 0 – 25 years

Eating Disorders – 0 – 18 years

Great Yarmouth – 01493 337601

Central - 0330 058 1840

West – 01553 736011

Norfolk Community Eating Disorder Service – over 18 years0300 300 0142

 Information about clinics where the service is provided

Clinic details
Name of clinicSilverwood Child & Family Centre
Who clinic is forCAMHS service users
Address where clinic held

Silverwood Child & Family Centre

Northgate Hospital, Great Yarmouth, NR30 1BU

Parking (eg availability, cost)Free parking on site
Accessibility informationClinic rooms available on the ground floor
Clinic details
Name of clinicMary Chapman House
Who clinic is forCAMHS service users
Address where clinic heldMary Chapman House, Hotblack Road, Norwich, NR2 4HN
Parking (eg availability, cost)Free parking available on site
Accessibility informationClinic rooms available on the ground floor
Clinic details
Name of clinicThurlow House
Who clinic is forCAMHS service users
Address where clinic heldThurlow House, Goodwins Road, Kings Lynn, PE30 5PD
Parking (eg availability, cost)Free parking available on site
Accessibility informationClinic rooms available on the ground floor

 Resources and additional information