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Friends & Family Test


Your feedback is essential to help us monitor the effectiveness of our services and to plan for the future.

The Friends and Family Test (FFT) is an important opportunity for you to provide feedback to our Trust by answering the simple question: "How likely are you to recommend our service to friends and family if they needed similar care or treatment?"

You will receive a form to complete and return to us, or if you prefer, you can give your response online at: You are encouraged to provide your feedback as soon as possible so your experience of our care is still fresh in your mind. This helps us to ensure that the feedback we collect is accurate and in 'real time'.

The information from the FFT helps us to see what we are doing well, and where we need to make improvements.

For other ways to comment on the care you have received from Norfolk & Suffolk NHS Foundation Trust, please read our information about making compliments and complaints and about the Patient Advice & Liaison Service (PALS).

The FFT is used throughout the NHS and you can find results from any Trust by searching on You can find more information about the Friends and Family Test on NHS Choices.

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Your feedback


"Very friendly, helpful team. For those needing support with depression or anxiety it is a good start to get positive help for mental health"
- Wellbeing Service User

"The nurses who visit me are excellent. They listen, discuss, advise take time and patience to understand my multiple problems. Their visits are such a reassurance to me. Nothing is too much trouble for them. I commend the work of * (community mental health nurse) does as the lead in liaising with GP and other NHS staff in ensuring my well-being. She is truly a credit and inspiration to her profession"
- Older Persons Service User

"Because I came to A&E and needed help from my mental health. I met with * who spent a considerable amount of time assessing what was happening. I felt reassured there was someone to to understand and took my case seriously and was willing to provide and support service for me at home. Ironically I didn't need this in the end as I made a quick recovery, however the reassurance from professionals definitely helped. Thank you very much"
- Psychiatric Liaison Service User

"I felt all staff showed a caring and compassionate attitude towards the care received. I take my hat off to all the staff at all levels and thank you for being so caring and understanding. Improvements: Being allowed to see my lad however I understand due to the environment this wasn't possible. However the Wi-Fi allowed us to make contact"
- Poppy Ward Service User