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People Participation

People participation is about working together with service users, their carers and families and staff, giving them the chance to have input into how the Trust is run and how it affects them. It is about further improving the service for everyone.

Each geographical area is now served by a Care Group led by a Service Director, a Clinical Director, a Lead Nurse and a People Participation Lead.

People Participation Leads have extensive professional experience in the mental health service and personal experience of mental health issues.

The aim is for service users and carers to get the very best services and that means listening and working hard to deliver what is needed.

The PPLs are currently developing a strategy with input from service users and carers.

PPL Steve Clark said: "Thank you to those who submitted comments on the Strategy on a Page and made other general comments. We have taken note of all these and been able to incorporate some of them in updating the draft People Participation Strategy."

The draft strategy and feedback was reported to the Trust's board in December.

Next Steps

There will be a number of question and answer sessions online during January. These will be advertised as widely as possible to try and ensure service users and carers have the opportunity to ask questions about the strategy and have an input.

Following these, PPLs will incorporate these suggestions as much as possible into a revised draft. This will then be the subject of online workshops the PPLs will be holding during February at various times and days to offer as wide coverage as possible.

After these workshops, PPLs will be able to formalise the strategy for approval by the Trust and it will then be published.